Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm Back

Back at work. Struggling to keep my eyes open. Got the kids to school ok. Made it to work at a decent time.

But my throat still hurts, still have a headache. But my lymph nodes don't hurt anymore, thank goodness, so I am making progress.

I simply couldn't stay at home another day. Driving me nuts! How long can you lay on the couch and watch movies? Not for very long.

Anxious to get back to the writing...can't wait, actually. With the three day weekend coming up, I hope to jump back into things.


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Although a few days on the couch watching movies is sounding like heaven to me!

  2. I have a feeling I wont get much writing done for the three day weekend. Not with hubby AND kids home the entire time.

    Glad you're feeling better even if only a little :)

  3. Glad you are still alive and you had better be getting that writing done.

  4. I like what Kelly had to say. I'd love to have a few days on the couch with movies. Glad you're feeling better though. You're on your way and you're inspired to write!

  5. glad you're feeling better! (though a few days on the couch with movies sounds mightly nice about now...)

  6. Melissa - glad you're FINALLY on the mend :-) My dh has had a cold too, and he's been almost as miserable as you. Hope everything clears up in time for the long weekend!

  7. Hope that is your cold all over now!! They do like to hang around. I can stand about 2 movies lying on the couch, I'd rather read :)

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