Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Thoughts...

1) Writing a novel is hard. If anyone says, "Oh, I think I'll write a novel someday" and they have never written anything before, please flick their ear. Hard.

2) I had to switch the air conditioner off and turn on the heater Friday. Crazy stupid Nebraska weather!

3) Mary Lou is a kick. She called me this weekend and told me she'd had a fire in her kitchen (a malfunctioning stove burner was the culprit). Since she also had to put out a fire her first night in wartime Washington D.C., I said, "Mary Lou, what is it with you and fires?" She laughed. I'm just glad she wasn't hurt. I wish I lived next door to her. I would hang out at her place all the time. Seriously.

4) Living a block from Dairy Queen is not a good idea. Enough said.

5) Vivid, weird, scary dreams left me in a terrible funk yesterday that I had a very hard time shaking. I dislike those types of dreams, and sadly, I have them all too often.

6) Foyle's War is one of the best series ever. It's set in England during WW2 and features a detective who solves crimes in the midst of war. The writing is absolutely brilliant and I want Michael Kitchen, who plays Detective Foyle, to be my next door neighbor, too.

7) My daughter has two weeks of elementary school left - in the fall, it's on to middle school. I am not ready.

8) My husband, the tough, manly Army veteran, went and got himself a kitty. He wanted one that would snuggle on his chest and cuddle. This just goes to show that he is all gooey on the inside. His new pet is an adorable gray fluffball who does, indeed, cuddle with him and lay on his chest. I have gone into several diabetic comas in the last few days after witnessing all this cuteness.

9) During Blogger's meltdown last week, lots of comments on my last post disappeared. This displeases me.

10) My friend asked me if I'd be interested in doing a fitness boot camp with her. I dislike pain, so I am thinking not. But then again, I'd like to be rid of my jelly belly...

11) Is it wrong that I don't care when my cat sleeps on my head?

12) The novel I abandoned prior to working on my current novel is calling my name again. I read through some of it last night and while it needs a huge plot overhaul (which I've already worked out), I can't wait to dive back into it. I'm thinking I may work on it when I'm done with the current WIP.

13) Weekends are too short.

14) Is it really already the middle of May? Honestly. Where has this year gone?

And finally:

15) Chocolate is still the best food on Earth.


  1. I agree with most of those. Writing *is* hard and, yay, chocolate is still the best food on earth. :)

    I'm hankering for a kitten now...

    I'm still annoyed with Blogger too. People posted lovely quotes on my blog and they vanished into the ether.

  2. I love this post!! Totally fun read for a Monday morning and I agree/relate to so much of it-including how good Foyle's War is! Could we move to Hastings? Mary Lou could come too:)

    (What did you hubby name his new kitty?)

    I'm annoyed with Blogger too-and I still wonder what is going on with them. I realized how lost I would be without my blog too. It's almost as important to me as chocolate.

    Bad dreams :( Dairy Queen :)
    Middle school-scary, but your daughter will be fine (I was scared out of my mind-and now sadly middle school is just a memory) Fitness Boot Camp? I think a trip to Hastings is a better idea:)

    Hugs, my Dear:)

  3. I definitely agree with #15!

    Great random thoughts there. Blogger also ate a load of my comments, I wasn't impressed either!

    I love Foyle's War and can watch the episodes time and again.

  4. I love this post! My daughter is leaving elementary school for middle school too, and it feels like a major life change.

    And it annoys the heck out of me when people think writing is easy. I know someone who wrote a proposal for a non-fiction book and "sold" it. She tells everyone she's the author of said book, but hasn't written a single word yet. She's never written a book - or article or short story either. I waiting to congratulate her when she's done. I figure it's going to be a lot harder - and take longer - than she thinks.

    Dreams can leave me in a funk too. You know what's good for that? chocolate. :)

  5. Oh thank you - what a nice pick-me-up for my blaaahhh Monday. Chocolate is the best food! And I would have a diabetic coma too if my hubby started cuddling the cat. (his way of showing her affection is gentle kitty torture). I, too have wondered why I don't mind a cat on my head. As long as I can still breathe. I get those weird scary dreams too sometimes. Usually they come in threes and then leave me alone for a while. Sometimes I spend all DAY trying to get them out my head!!!

  6. LOL ! love this!! You let us see you:)) And yay to that husband of yours for getting a kitten!

  7. HA! What a fun post! Yea, our heater came on too this weekend :( NO it's not weird to let the kitty sleep on your head. Mine appreciate it when I do, as they feel very put out when I don't. And Dairy Queen...NOM!!! Haven't had that in, like, 5 years!

  8. Lots of good thoughts here today. I like the idea of fitness boot camp with a friend - you'll keep each other motivated - maybe over a DQ ice cream?

    Happy Monday :)

  9. LOL! Love these random thoughts. I am right there with you on #13 by the way. Weekends are way way way too short.

  10. Shirley - Kittens and chocolate. The perfect combination!

    Valerie - I agree. A trip to Hastings is MUCH better than any ol' fitness boot camp. Pack your bags! ;-)

    Debs - I'd love to have the entire series of Foyle's War on DVD, but can't quite bring myself to shell out the cash...

    Heidi - LOL! I think I ate more than my fair share of chocolate that day to combat the dreams. Probably not doing my waistline any favors!

    Margo - Oh, I'm all too familiar with the gentle kitty torture. My hubby does that, too! What is it with men??? And on the dreams...yeah, I have always been a vivid dreamer, but there are those that really stick with me. I still remember some of my dreams from college!

    Terri - He is in love with the little guy. Just cracks me up.

    Colene - Time to go to Dairy Queen! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who lets their cat sleep on their head... ;-)

    Joanne - Ha! I don't even know if motivation over Dairy Queen can compel me to go to the boot camp. But we shall see...

    Linda - I'm a staunch supporter of mandatory three day weekends!

  11. I know, mid May already! I'm not ready for the second half of this year... can we have a break?

    Lovely thoughts and pretty pic of lily. ;-)

    Happy writing this week!

  12. Talei - I'm in favor of a break! If we could just make time stand still for a few days... :-)

  13. Weekends are definitely too short and so are the summers.

  14. Thanks for visiting! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your last random thought, what has been getting me through the WIP. Great blog you've got; when we lived in Britain (1996-2007) one of our fave spots was Eden Camp not far from our Yorkshire abode. What an experience! Give it a google, as it's right up your WWII angle!

    God bless and again thanks for the congrats. They grow TOO fast, oh goodness. Enjoy these days with your girl still close. And of course, happy writing!!!

  15. Patti - Weekends are too short, but summers are too long for me!

    Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by! Last time I was in England
    (2008), I think I googled Eden Camp and thought about going. But it didn't work into my schedule that time around. Absolutely must fit it in next time!

  16. I'm sorry about your dream. I tend to focus too much on mine as well. I think it's the writer in us, don't you? And yes, always and forever chocolate will rule. Sorry about the Dairy Queen. ;)

  17. Big thumbs up to Foyle's War! We LOVED it. And yay to cuddly kitties too!

    Great, fun post, Melissa. Gave me a chuckle when I needed one. :)

  18. Tana - My dreams can be fun sometimes, but for the most part, they are so vivid that there are nights I don't even want to go to bed! And my waistline will probably be more sorry about the Dairy Queen than me...*grin*

    Christine - Glad I made you laugh! :-) The kitty is indeed being very cuddly with hubby (ok, and daughter and I, too!). It's so much fun to watch my manly, tough guy turn to mush. LOL

  19. Really enjoyed reading your post - it kind of reminds me when you got home from school and told me all about what happened that day or like talking to you on the phone. I agree the Dairy Queen is too close to your house - just like my husbands ice cream is too handy in the freezer! Moderation is the key.

  20. Glad you enjoyed it, Mom! And yeah, I used to be a chatterbox when I got home from school!


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