Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

"I remember the young soldier well, he screamed, he was just out of control, and he screamed, and there was another soldier next to him who consoled him, and embraced him. That was a moving moment for me, to see that compassion in combat. And these are the things a person feels when he's in proximity to death-- his buddy, that next human being, that person in the foxhole is the most important person in your life. "
Howard Brodie sketched this picture in the midst of combat during World War II. He was a combat artist, trying to portray war as it really was - not the sanitized version, not the version Hollywood most often wanted you to see. He, and other combat artists, showed war in all its gruesome reality. We need to see the true face of war. It is not glamorous. It is a sacrifice of the body, mind, and soul.

Today, remember those who served and died for their country. Remember those we have lost.

Remember them. Always.


  1. What a beautiful tribute Melissa!

  2. Nice post. hope you have been well and I apologize for being a poor blog pal as of late.

  3. That's an incredible picture. This is so moving, Melissa. God bless.

  4. A wonderful tribute, Melissa. Perhaps one day, we won't lose our men and women to war any longer. Until then, deepest gratitude to those who have sacrificed...and those who continue to do so.

  5. Very well said Melissa - so proud of you:-)

  6. Thanks, Valerie!

    Travis - Thanks. No worries...

    L.T. - This picture never fails to move me. Just amazing.

    Christine - If only that day would come...

    Thanks, Mom!

  7. I recently visited the Imperial War Museum in London and the paintings/sketches by war artists made a huge impression on me. I was particularly touched by the haunting painting, Gassed by Singer Sargent RA painted in 1919

  8. Debs - That is a very powerful image. Incredible.


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