Monday, May 02, 2011

My New Office

Finally, I have a room to myself.

Well, sort of.

Half of the entire upstairs floor of our Cape Cod house is dedicated to my office and the other half is for my daughter and her toys. It's ok. I don't mind sharing. The room is big enough for both of us. She's writing a book right now and since she's using my laptop, we have to share that, too!

Without further ado, here are some pictures of my new office:

I purchased the flag from a World War II veteran. He served on a Navy destroyer in both the European and Pacific theaters.

Lovely, lovely books!

My 1940s Royal typewriter. And yes, it works!
My reading corner.

I had to add a Hogan's Heroes poster, of course! The map above the desk to the left is a replica of a battle map of Normandy before the D-Day invasion.
To say I love this place is an understatement. It's become my haven. I crank up my Benny Goodman or Artie Shaw and no longer have to worry about neighbors downstairs! If I need a break from writing, I snuggle up on my comfy chair and read for awhile. Since I'm surrounded by World War II posters and pictures, I'm constantly reminded of why it is that I write during this time period.

In short, my office inspires me. Isn't that the way it should be? :-)


  1. It's beautiful! I'm so happy you are in your home now and it is all settled.

  2. Thanks, Terri! We love it here. :-)

  3. It is so inspiring! I love everything about your office space. And your typewriter is wonderful! Just wonderful!!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures, and I'll be in touch asap my dear:)

  4. This is amazing! So much room. Love the bookshelves! :)

  5. Wow! That looks lovely!!

  6. Oh, that is so perfect!! What a great space, and I love the decorations.

  7. I learned to type on an old Royal just like that! Love your office...beautifully done, and I can see why it's so inspiring.

  8. I love it! So cozy and welcoming and inspiring

  9. It looks wonderful!!! No wonder you're thrilled...and I LOVE the HH poster - remember watching it after school at my babysitters house...and then again during the 90s...I never tired of it *g*

  10. Valerie - Thank you! I think that typewriter was the perfect finishing touch.

    Erin - I didn't show my other three bookshelves! And I need more now, too, since I can't stop buying books. :-)

    Colene - Thank you!

    DK - Perfect indeed. :-)

    Christine - I try to transport myself to the 1940s when I'm in that office...helps me to write better. ;-)

    Linda - Definitely cozy. My daughter loves it just as much as I do.

    Tess - Oh, we are huge HH fans. Have the entire series on DVD and watch it often!

  11. What an awesome work space, I'm totally jealous.

  12. That is indeed a huge room. I love the way you've decorated it, especially your flag. Fabulous.

  13. Patti - When I saw this room, I immediately claimed it as mine. I love it!!!

    Debs - Thank you! Had so much fun decorating it. :-)

  14. Sweet! The decor looks very, very, very good and pretty. It's a great office space, and you must get a lot of motivation for work!

  15. Tanisha - Thanks for stopping by! Oh yes - it's a great place to get motivated. I just love it!


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