Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes, I Watched It

Although I didn't get up at 4 a.m. to watch the royal wedding live, I spent plenty of time looking at the pictures and watching the videos of it today.

So sue me.

Some people have claimed that the hype surrounding this marriage has gone over the top. It's been on a 24-hour news cycle since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement, so I can understand people's reasoning. It has been a bit overkill, especially in light of all the tragedies going on in the world.

But you know what? We need a little happiness in this world, and a royal wedding between two people who obviously love each other is just the ticket.

I fell in love with England many, many years ago. I'm sure it was the result of reading several historical and Regency romances, and that love was only solidified when I visited the country once in May of 1995 and again in October of 2008. Simply put, I adore England and her people. I guess you could call me an Anglophile. If I could, I would live part of the year (the summer months) in England in a small village, maybe next to my friend Diane or maybe even my friend Shirley. I got to meet both when I was there in October, and as they are both writers, it was a wonderful time.

It's a country rich in heritage and tradition, and there's just something to be said for all the pomp and circumstance that a royal wedding brings. I loved the cheering crowds, the people lining the streets, the celebration. What fun.

I'm not going to apologize for watching it. Why should I? Sure, there are more important things going on in the world. I'm well aware of it. Horror and tragedies abound. But there is also a need for us to have hope for our future and hope for new beginnings.

I think Prince William and the new Duchess of Cambridge's marriage does just that. It was a much-needed celebration of a man and a woman in love committing their lives to each other in front of billions (can you imagine?) of people. And it also reaffirms, for me, the importance of marriage, that bond you make with another person to learn and share and grow with each other. The wedding message given to William and Kate on their day was an inspiration to listen to, and it helped me strengthen my own commitment to my husband.

While watching the two exchange their vows, I could see how perfectly matched they were - true equals. The respect and affection and love they have for each other is plainly evident. And I won't apologize for celebrating that, either. After all, love - true love - is one of the most beautiful things in this world. I refuse to bow to cynicism on that one.

So yes. It was more than just "two rich, privileged people" getting married. It was a celebration of hope, a celebration of marriage, and a celebration of life.

Long live true love!


  1. Beautifully written, Melissa! Next time you visit here, let me know and we'll meet up. :)

  2. I couldn't agree more Melissa. I watched the wedding too-several hours later-and I felt really uplifted as I watched William and Kate vow to spend their lives together.

    I hope to go to England some day too-and I'd love to visit Westminster Abbey-I can't even begin to imagine how breath taking that would be!

  3. I saw an interview with Phillipa Gregory (_The Other Boleyn Girl_) and she said she'd been very cynical about the wedding and hadn't intended to watch...but she did, and she was won over by the love and affection apparent between William and Kate.

    You expressed it beautifully, and I agree. (And I think Kate knocked it out of the ballpark with her dress, too.)

  4. I loved every moment of it and watched with my daughter. My son phoned (from Uni in Berkshire) and said that he and his girlfriend has watched the wedding on campus and had been provided with peaches & cream to eat and Pimms to drink. I was thrilled to know they'd been celebrating too.

  5. I was cynical about the wedding too but then I realised that that came from people's reasons for watching it, not the wedding itself. I watched it (live) and I perfectly agree with you, there is no reason to be ashamed. It is an occasion for celebration, not even because they are William and Kate but because they are bride and groom.
    Since moving to Ireland I have become an Anglophile. It seems that everything I love about Ireland, England also has. I was disillusioned of the idea I had of Ireland after living here a year or so. It is a lovely place to visit or live for a while, but there are deep-set prejudices and stereotypes. There are also lovely, friendly and genuine people but they seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

  6. I adore all things England too, Melissa. And I enjoyed watching the wedding as well (though I didn't get up to watch it as it happened!).

  7. I have to say I was one those people up at 4am watching the royal wedding.I don't think you have to apologizes for what you like.I like it to in a wake all the tragedies that had occur with in the time frame of the wedding.But! True love was shown on the tv through the world,and what better way to see two people that love each other.It was beautiful!

  8. Erin - Will do!

    Valerie - I visited Westminster Abbey the first time I went to England. It is indeed breathtaking!

    Christine - Oh, her dress was perfection! She was just a beautiful bride all around. :-)

    Debs - I love how it was such a celebration for so many people. Makes me wish I could have been in England, too!

    Aoife - I agree. I think all the hoopla surrounding the wedding was a bit overboard, but to watch them exchange vows and the love they so clearly have for one another...I'm not ashamed to say I got teary-eyed.

    Linda - I don't think I could have roused myself at 4 a.m., no matter who was getting married! ;-)

    F.A. Ellis - Thanks for stopping by! And I absolutely agree - it WAS beautiful!


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