Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring, Wherefore Art Thou?

I like rainy, cloudy days. For some reason, they make my creativity go into overdrive, and I have been known to plow through the writing on such days.

But this is getting ridiculous.

It's been spring for, oh, a month now, and in that time, we've had only a handful of nice days. For the past two weeks, it's been rainy and cloudy and cold. I've had to wear my winter coat a few days! That's just not right...

And you would think my writing would have gone into overdrive, but then I had to host Easter at my home and that entailed cleaning, cooking, and more cleaning. So! The writing hasn't been forthcoming in the last few days.

That will change now that the holiday is behind me (and it was lovely!) and the massive headache I endured yesterday is relatively gone.

Oddly enough, I wish the sun would shine.

I'm just glad the birds in our neighborhood haven't let the lack of sun keep them from singing their sweet songs. It's lovely to go outside and hear them chattering, and I'm betting the moist ground is making it quite easy to dig up worms.

With the exception of Easter Sunday, the sun hasn't shone much lately. In fact, I think this is the wettest spring we've had in quite some time.

Has spring shown up in your neck of the woods?


  1. Your sunshine must have come over here, because we've had the most incredible few weeks of sunshine I can ever remember at this time of year. Long may it last. *crosses fingers*.

    I hope you get some sunshine soon.

  2. Around here, it was the coldest March on record, and April is looking to be the same.

    In the summer, we get endless days of 90 plus degree weather, and I practically cry for rain. So I know what you mean about rain being refreshing and inspiring.

    But after such a long cold winter like this one-the sun is a welcome sight indeed:)

  3. Aw, I hope you get some sunshine soon.

    We've had wonderfully hot sunny days for over a week and it's been bliss. We must have had your share too.

  4. Debs and Shirley - Well that's strange! It's supposed to be the opposite - you get the rainy, cloudy weather in ol' Blighty and I get the sun here in Nebraska! But I am very glad you're getting some sun - it sounds lovely!

    Valerie - Oh, Nebraska is the same. 90+ degrees and several days where we hit 100 degrees and above. I can't wait for rain on those days. I'm not complaining TOO much about the weather...in a month or two I'll be complaining about the heat. Ha! ;-)

  5. Not much Spring here either. When the temps have risen, so has the humidity, so it hasn't been too pleasant. This feels like one of those years when it'll go straight from winter into summer heat :/

  6. Joanne - UGH. I am NOT ready for summer at all. We haven't had any humidity - yet - but I'm sure it will be here before I know it, especially with all the rain we've been getting.

  7. At least you don't have snow out your window like I do right now!!! We had flurries on Easter morning too. Terrible weather for two weeks now, all progress toward spring completely stopped. My only consolation is - well, if I'm forced to stay inside, at least I get more writing done! But thank you for the reminder - the birds have still kept singing - I am thankful for that!

  8. I'm completely with you Melissa. There's something very inspiring about clouds and rain, especially when the rain bangs down on the barn roof. I find it quite relaxing.

    And of course, it helps that the sun isn't beckoning me to go out and sit in it ;)

  9. I'm feeling your pain, Melissa. Saturday was our first 70-degree day. I heard it was gorgeous. I wouldn't know...I was at the day job. (Gee, do I sound bitter?) :)

    Sunday AM, the rain was pounding down again. *sigh* And so it continues...I'm glad it's spring somewhere, but it sure ain't here!

  10. Margo - Ugh. Snow! We have had snow on Easter here in Nebraska in the past, but I'm very glad we didn't this year! And you're right - if you have to stay inside, at least you can write!

    Bluestocking - Ah...rain falling on the roof. It IS relaxing. I love that sound. And yes, when the sun is out and it's gorgeous outside, I always feel guilty for being INSIDE and writing!

    Christine - I was thinking of you when I wrote this post since I know the weather there has been dreary beyond belief lately! Hang in there!

  11. A sneak preview of Summer has turned up over our Easter break, last week - we had glorious blue skies and sunshine. Today, however...its getting colder again. Still, it was lovely. ;-)

  12. It has been nothing but rain, rain, rain here. I hope we have a sunny and warm summer to make up for this cloudy and wet spring.

  13. Talei - All of my friends in England have had such wonderful weather! It somehow seems backwards...LOL.

    Linda - I just keep telling myself that all of that rain will make it nice and green! :-)


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