Wednesday, August 10, 2005

One Sentence

That's all I wrote yesterday - one sentence.

In the midst of puppy-sitting, I didn't get much done. My daughter loved the dog - as soon as his nails were trimmed. Little cutey had very sharp little nails and she wouldn't go near it until we trimmed them. After a trip to Pet Co and lots of new little toys, new shiny doggy dishes and premium dogfood, he settled in with my daughter and they had a ball last night.

Unfortunately, there's also the downside of having a new pup in the house - mainly poop. But I needn't dwell on it. :-)

*yawn* I'm tired today. Little guy woke up last night in my daughter's room and decided he wanted to rummage around in my trash can. He finally settled down on his new pillow and went to sleep. Since my camera is broken, my brother is letting me borrow his today, so I should have some pics up soon.


  1. Can't wait to see pictures but LOL you're in for it now :)

    He'll grow!!

  2. Ah, I've had many days like this, LOL.

  3. Hey, some days one sentence is damn good!!

  4. One sentence is better than nothing! :)

  5. Ah yes, the poop factor. Although most dogs train fast and then it's just a distant memory. Well, until you have to go out into the back yard to clean it up. Yes, the glamourous side of pet ownership...

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