Friday, August 26, 2005

"I Think I'm Going to Like This School"

My daughter was pretty apprehensive last night when we walked to her school. But when she saw the kindergarten room, she perked up. And even though she responded in "yes" and "no" format to her new teacher, I think she's warming up to the idea of this whole kindergarten business.

We made sure and bought some pizza and pop in the gym and also had to get a "Leader flag" a.k.a. the American flag, shirt for her with the school mascot on it. I'm not sure where she got the whole "leader flag" thing, but isn't it adorable? *grin* But when she said, "I think I'm going to like this school," my heart just soared. Unfortunately, I already had tears in my eyes last night. What is Monday going to be like???

In Writing News...

I am missing my manuscript. A lot. I think after my board meeting with my local RWA chapter on Saturday, I'll be rarin' to go. Being around other writers always gets me motivated to tackle my stuff again. Last night I began sending out emails for our fall writing conference to newspapers across the state and that consumed quite a bit of time. I'm hoping we get a great turn-out.

So for my shameless self-promotion, check out to find out more details for our Deb Dixon "Book in a Day" workshop this October.


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