Thursday, August 25, 2005

School Days

My daughter is not looking forward to kindergarten. This is completely contrary to me when I was her age. But I'm thinking that once she gets settled in, she'll be just fine.

But this morning, I reminded her of her daddy's promise. He said that if she's a big girl on the first day of school, he'll buy her a princess dress. Y'know, the Disney Princess dresses into Wal-Mart? Well, she's had her eye on them for a long time now and we've always balked because they're $20.

After I reminded her, she got SO excited. She says she wants the Snow White dress, but I'm hoping she'll go for the Cinderella one 'cuz it's blue and gauzy and pretty. :-)

We went to my stepson's open house last night as his new school. He's starting middle school this year at a brand new school, so we had to check it out last night. Then hubby went home while the two kids and I went out for supper. Had a good time.

Tonight is my daughter's open house. I'm excited to see her classroom. But I'm even MORE excited to finish school shopping this weekend! I might even have to buy a few new pens and notebooks for myself...


  1. damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

  2. Your daughter is so cute!!!! She'll have fun once it starts.

  3. We had our parent orientation last night (even though school started last week.)

    Your daughter's such a cutie. Hope she ends up loving school!

  4. how cute!! What a darling girl! I'm sure she'll love kindergarten after she gets used to it.

    Just don't LEAVE HER ALL ALONE, like Amy did... *g

  5. So sweet! I'm sure she'll love her Disney princess dress. :)


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