Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday Thoughts

Lots of things going on today. Well, maybe not lots, but let's just say I'm going to be busy.

My stepson returns from Kentucky today. We've been busy fixing up his room - new bed, new shelves, new carpet, etc., so I think he'll be quite pleased with the result. My daughter has been asking me when her brother is coming home, which is rather surprising considering all the fights they get into. I definitely haven't missed the tattletaling and fights.

I start my new exercise routine today! I joined Curves and I'm quite excited. It's right across the street from my daughter's daycare, so I can get off work, do a 30-minute workout, pick her up, and go home and have the rest of the evening free. I can't wait to get started - this is the first time I've actually been excited about exercising! But I need to get healthy and it's very obvious that I can't do it sitting around my house. I tried to rationalize not joining a health club or fitness place by saying that I could save money by working out at home. But it's so difficult to force myself to exercise when that couch is sitting there or the computer beckons, or my daughter wants to do something, or the puppy is biting my fingers. Now, I figure that I will already be out and about - no prodding needed.

One of my co-workers is gone for the week, so I'll be doing both of our duties. But I like to be kept busy. Makes the day go faster and keeps me from looking at the clock all day.

The wedding was great - the bride looked beautiful, the food tasted wonderful, and the conversation sparkled. My daughter informed me that she "wanted to get married." She looked at the bride in her gorgeous white gown and was just enchanted. I think she thought she was looking at a real live princess. :-)


  1. Aww, so sweet about your daughter! (Easy for me to say, right?) Good luck with the workout. I used to workout right after work, before going home. My rule was I couldn't go home first for anything, otherwise, I wouldn't make it to the workout.

  2. My daughter has picked out her husband and house :) Next door to me :)

    Good luck with workingout and the extra work :)

  3. Ohhh rock on with the exercise. Does sleeping count as exercise? *g*

  4. Sharon -
    If sleeping counted, I should be 110 pounds again! *grin*

  5. Good luck with the new exercise program! You can do it!!!

  6. good luck with the new routine! (thought I REALLY like Sharon's idea that sleep counts as exercise...)

  7. Awww...your daughter sounds so sweet. :)

    Good luck with Curves! I've heard positive things about it.

  8. Thanks for all the good wishes, ladies! The first workout felt GREAT. And it was done in no time! What I really love is that I'm done at 5:30 and I can go home and relax the rest of the evening. :-)

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