Saturday, August 20, 2005


I used to really enjoy the long weekends of nothing - really enjoyed them. Lots of time to write and relax, do absolutely nothing, and not even think of work on Monday. Well, I still do enjoy weekends of nothing. But not this weekend.

I want out of the house. I want out of this city. I want to drive far away and look at new people and new places and new things. The last time I've been out of town was...hmmm...literally months ago.

That's the reason I'm stagnating. My writing is stale, my motivation to do any sort of housework is nonexistant, work drags on for hours upon hours, and my office is a complete mess.

I need new scenery. A change. Just for a few days - that's it. And I know I'd be rarin' to get back into life again.

I'm thinking Labor Day Weekend might be the best time to take a break, so I hope I can survive until then.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go write crap. I'm sure it won't be anything more than that - and really, it's okay. As long as I write and get words on the page that can be fixed later. Hubby is getting me some of my favorite lowfat frozen yogurt, so this afternoon won't be so bad after all.


  1. How did the writing go? And I know what you mean about getting antsy to go somewhere. Hope you can!

  2. Writing went better than expected, although I didn't write much. I'm feeling rather crappy today - which surprisingly doesn't produces crap on the writing front!

  3. Vacations...I seem to need one every month or so. And no, I don't get them that often. ;)

  4. Melissa - sounds like you need to "fill the well"! The creative one, that is. Hope you can get away.

    And yep, I've done the "write crap" thing. Even when I know it's not great, I still feel good about getting words on the page, rather than giving in to writers block. Sometimes I even find the crap isn't as bad as I thought it would be!

    MMMMMMM - frozen yogurt.

  5. Take it from someone who just took a rare vacation -- everyone should do it!

  6. I am a lot less antsy than I used to be. Always needed to escape as a child. I plan my next vacation when I need to get away. I hope the vacation comes off, but if it doesn't, at least I went there in my head :)

    Hope you get a break.

  7. Yes, take a trip, Melissa! Everyone needs a change of pace every once in a while. It would be good for you.

  8. I love to get away. Even if it's just for a few days. Change of scenery. Change of routine. Find somewhere fun to go over Labor Day!!

  9. Melissa,

    You need a Nothing Weekend! Hope you get away on Labour Day.


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