Monday, August 29, 2005

First Day of School and I'm Still Sick

You know that kid that's always crying on the first day of kindergarten? Hanging on to their mom, their eyes brimming with big, hot tears?

My daughter was that kid today.

Poor thing! I held up better than expected. I had to keep it together for her. Thankfully, there is another little boy in her class that is also in her daycare. But it wasn't enough to get her to perk up.

I finally had to sneak off. I know she'll be just fine after she adjusts. She did the same thing with daycare.

I ended up making a trip to the quick care place last night at about 9 p.m. They did a strep test on me that came back negative, and the doc thought it was something viral. So I paid $50 for a doctor to tell me to go home and take some ibuprofen!!!! GRRRRRRRR

At any rate, I'm not at work and I have to go pick up the kids in a few minutes. They get out of school an hour earlier this week. If I'm not significantly better in the next day or so, back to the doctor I go. Sigh...

And I really really REALLY want to write, but I think I will probably end up taking a long nap instead.

Thanks for all your good thoughts! I appreciate each and every one of you. :-)


  1. Oh nooo. Poor little heart. As bad as we feel on their first day, I can't imagine how THEY feel. I hope tomorrow is better for her.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. Poor baby. My son is sensitive, too, and I can envision the same thing. ;(

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Awww, Melissa. Hugs for your daughter. And hugs for you. My older nephew was much the same when he started school, but now he LOVES it.

    Hope that sore throat goes soon - always the worst part of being sick.

  4. What a sin! Hopefully she'll get over it real quick. I didn't realize you guys started school so early. We don't start up here until the 7th. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. That's sad--my daughter was the only child to run grinning into Playgroup (and anything else thereafter) and only cried when I had to stay and help with snack!!! I can tell you, that'll make you feel worse. My son isn't like that though and I can see getting him to go will be like prying off an octopus with chopsticks.

    Hope you feel better soon. Most colds take 3 weeks to start and finish so just give yourself time and don't push the writing, plot, read, craft. Just give yourself a break.

  6. When I go to lay down to sleep, or nap, I find that my creative juices start to flow and I keep a note pad and pen next to the bed. That way I won't forget the good stuff.

    Hope you start to feel better soon. Heck for $50 I could have told you to take ibuprofen. What are doctors for anyway these days? ugh... I'm glad you don't have strep though. I had it and an ear infection a few weeks back and didn't have the $$ to go to the doctor and suffered like a big dog. Better safe and $50 lighter in the pocket than to have the strep and not go.

  7. Thanks, gals, for all your good wishes! I am still fighting whatever this is. Whenever I wake up, I could go right back to sleep. And I am missing work terribly...I know that sounds weird, but I'm tired of laying around!


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