Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Insert Sound of Head Beating Against Brickwall Here

Did you ever play with a remote control car, or watch your kids play with one? Remember when they would run into a wall and they'd keep hitting it, over and over, bam, bam, bam, never deviating from that spot until you would physically move it?

That's how I feel with my writing right now.

My wheels are spinning. I'm banging into an imaginary barrier that needs to topple into a big pile of rubble. And then I'll hire some construction guys to come pick it up...really cute, really HOT construction guys.


I think the vacation needs to happen before the wheels quit spinning.


  1. Good luck to your grandpa!! Don't worry about the writing--it'll come :)

    Worry about the vacation instead :(

  2. Don't you hate that?! I like the idea of the hot construction workers though!

  3. I know how that feels! Hugs!

  4. Try writing something totally different, just for yourself. See what happens! :)


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