Tuesday, August 16, 2005


My stepson is home.

He always looks different when he comes back from spending time with his mom in Kentucky - older and, well, bigger. I swear he grows an inch or two while he's gone.

They spent a week in Florida before he returned, so the lucky kid has a nice tan. He's half Greek, so it's no surprise that he can tan so well. And speaking of Greece, it looks like that's where they will be going next year for vacation. Sheesh! What a rough life! I can't believe everywhere my two stepsons have gone. Since my husband lived in Germany for eight years (military) and married a Greek (she was born and raised in Germany - her parents emigrated from Greece), they went all over the place. The stepson that lives with me was born in Germany. He was exposed to three languages since birth - Greek, German, and English. For vacations, they'd go to Greece and Yugoslavia.

And get this - my husband's ex-mother-in-law actually came to visit us, from Germany, for a week a few years ago. Talk about awkward! But actually, it wasn't at all. Even though she barely spoke any English, we managed to communicate just fine. Of course, I didn't want my husband to stray far since he was the translator! She is a very gracious lady - always remembers me on my birthday, sends my daughter birthday presents and Christmas presents, and spoils my stepsons rotten. And she always sends German chocolate!!!

Anyway, my daughter stayed up way too late with her brother last night and I was late to work this morning. Ah well. It's good to have him back.

In Writing News...

Started Chapter Six last night. Yay! I haven't wrote for three or four days now and I felt quite anxious about the whole thing. But my characters have successfully pulled me out of my slump and now I'm ready to go. :-)

A New Blog...

I started a new blog to help me keep focused on my weight loss/exercise/healthy lifestyle journey. You can read it here: http://losingthepounds.blogspot.com

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  1. Wow, your stepchildren are lucky!

    Good going on the writing. Now I need to quit blog-hopping and do some of my own! (So much easier and more fun to blog hop though.)

  2. Melissa--must have been wierd to have the other m-i-l to visit. Maybe it goes to show how fond of your DH is was/is. I know if I got divorced my family would keep my DH and ditch me :)

  3. Oh, the ex-mother-in-law sounds wonderful. So sweet! And I LOVE German chocolate.

    WTG on the writing!

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