Sunday, August 28, 2005

What a Rotten Weekend

I've been sick all weekend. And by all weekend, I mean ALL WEEKEND.

It started out with a bad headache on Friday. I didn't go to work, but instead took a nap and tried to get over the darn thing. I woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday with a sore throat. This irritated me to no end because I don't get sore throats anymore. I used to get them all the time. But when I turned 21, I finally got my tonsils out. Weird to wait that long, I know, but I did.

I took a nap yesterday and still felt like poo. My ears hurt, my lymph nodes beside my neck are swollen, my head throbs, and I have zip energy. Last night I had a glass of orange juice by my bed and I'd wake up through the night with this darn sore throat. I finally got up, took some allergy/sinus medicine that knocked me out and I woke up feeling slightly better. That didn't last long and I took another nap this afternoon, then woke up to a tremendous thunderstorm raging outside. Hard rain, hail, and a barking dog were NOT pleasant ways to wake up from a relaxing nap. Hubby took the kids to the monster truck show at the state fair earlier, so I had the house to myself - plus Doobie.

I made the mistake of letting my dog in - Charlie - even though he was sopping wet. Our back yard looks like a small lake and where do you think he decided to get rid of his excess water? In my office - right by my bookcase. GRRRRRRRR.

Hubby called and asked me if I needed anything, anything at all.


I wanted to yell it, but it ended up sounding more like a croak.

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I don't even feel like getting out of bed. I'm going to force myself to go to work tomorrow, though. Can't afford to take off too many days. If I'm not better...sigh...back to the doctor I go.

I did make it to the board meeting yesterday for my local RWA chapter. We got a lot accomplished and as I predicted, I was ready to write when I got back. That is, I WOULD have been ready to write had I not felt like road kill smashed in the middle of the highway.


  1. Bummer, dude. Hopefully you will feel better tomorrow and can regale me with stories about how you embarrassed Molly at kindergarten.

  2. That happens to me...just when I get really motivated, something happens where I can't. Hope you feel much better tomorrow!

  3. Hugs and hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Ooooh - that sucks! Hope you're better soon.

  5. Sounds awful--take care of yourself!!!

  6. Ugh... I think we have the same illness. We also shared the same nasty weather. What normally is a pond in my backyard now looks like a lake. And here we were supposed to go the water park last Saturday. yeah.. right. I did write though. Over 4,000 words.

    I feel your pain and I pray that our yuckies go away. I can't breathe through this nose! hehe


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