Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Morning Grind

I pushed for my kids to go to school in a different school district. The one we're in is, well, the worst one in the city with gangs and other violence. I wasn't about to let my kids go through that. So I transferred them to schools close to where I work. In fact, my stepson's middle school is right across the street from my job. My daughter's is only about a mile away and her daycare takes her to kindergarten and picks her up.

But I tell ya...the morning grind is already getting old. We leave the house at 7:30 to get my stepson to school by 8 a.m. The traffic is horrendous and this is a newly developed section of town. Still, everyone and their SUV is there to drop off their kids and tempers start to flare. I've worked out a system where I actually pull into the parking lot at work and drop off my stepson and he then uses the cross walk to walk to get to school. Then I take my daughter to her daycare, then backtrack and come back to work.

Logically, you'd think I would go to my daughter's daycare first, then drop off my stepson. But with rush hour traffic, I don't know that I could get my stepson to school by 8 a.m. Since I have a fairly flexible schedule, if I'm a few minutes late, it's no big deal.

At any rate, I've been trying to get used to this new schedule and longing for the days when I stayed home and my stepson could just walk to school. But I recognize that I'm the type of individual that must have human interaction - adult interaction - more than once a week. I've decided that when I establish my career as a romance author, I will still get some sort of part-time job, even if it's volunteering in a museum. But that's only if I can afford to. Otherwise, I'm hoping to just be able to work part-time.



  1. I really despise school traffic. Mine isn't too bad. One of the schools I pass is just dreadful. But it is worth it if you are happy with the school.

    I'd like a part-time job just for adult interaction myself. But they don't hire people to sit around and chat for a couple of hours then go home.

  2. Don't worry, you are writing. Blogs are writing, obviously. Use it as a whetstone to sharpen up your skills, then apply them to your fine art. Hope you feel better soon. Blog on, yours is a voice that deserves to be heard!

  3. Everyone we visit expects us to be at least 15 minutes late. I have twins and it is just a fact of life for us. We're still late to almost everything we go to. No biggie.

    School though.. it is a biggie. That's why we always live in a small town outside of the big town. The school our girls go to has roughly 200-250 kids from K-12. Traffic is non-existant in a town of 700. Thank, God!

    I bet after a week or two you'll get into a groove and things will not seem so rushed and hectic.

  4. Good luck finding the routine you want!


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