Thursday, September 22, 2005

The First Day of Fall breezes. Nothing like it.

Yesterday we hit over 95 degrees and today...balmy 70's.

Maybe I can write more than two sentences tonight since that's all I did last night. Hmph.

In my defense, I spent quality time with my daughter. We colored and I helped her memorize our address. Strange. She couldn't get it until I put it to music. Then, it was as if a lightbulb went on in her head.

I think my daughter is the artistic, creative type (just like me!). Her daycare teacher told me yesterday that she is very advanced in her drawings. I, of course, grinned from ear to ear when I heard that. She really is amazing in what she creates. I love to look at all of her pictures which is why I hate to throw any of them away. In fact, I don't throw them away - I save pretty much all of them. And at an average of three pages a day, it's starting to add up!

I feel very unfocused where my writing is concerned. But, I did order some books yesterday from for research. I also started reading Tom Brokaw's The Greatest Generation last night. I love that book. Since I'm looking to write more in the World War II era, this kind of research is not only fascinating, but necessary. :-)


  1. Congrats on finalling in the RJ contest :-) And your daughter sounds just like you! Hope you get more writing done this evening.

  2. I'm pretty artistic least for a five year old :)

    Something about kindergarten really seems to unlock their creativity. Katie is always drawing and coloring. She passed me a long time ago with talent.


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