Saturday, September 10, 2005

Go Big Red!!!

There's nothing like Nebraska football. It's almost a religion in this state and although I normally don't care one way or the other if they win or lose, tonight I just might 'cuz I'm going to be there.

Yup. My first Husker game at Memorial Stadium. Hubby and I are going and I can't wait. I've got my red and white shirt on and a good pair of walking shoes. The wind is blowing like crazy today, so I don't much care what my hair looks like because a few minutes outside and it won't matter.

Strange. The entire time I was a student at UNL, I never went to a football game. I walked past the stadium every single day, but never bothered to get tickets. Probably because I was tired of being on campus enough as it was!!!

I've been on a whirlwind cleaning spree today. Not just because the babysitter is coming, but because it just needed to be done. Now my kitchen is relatively spotless, the dishes are done, the living room is vacuumed and picked up, not to mention dusted, and the only thing I have to do is fold clothes. That can wait until tomorrow.

Most importantly, football season means fall is here! Although the weather is still too warm, it won't be for much longer!


  1. Hope you had a GREAT time! There's nothing like being there.

    Of course, hubby and I couldn't get our Notre Dame tickets this year. Oh well. Another time, maybe. Go Irish!

  2. Hope you had fun at the game :-)

    I still miss university football games on autumn Saturday afternoons. It was a tradition at Queen's - everyone would group at the main campus, then follow the Band out to the Stadium (about 2 miles away). It never seemed quite the same once we graduated and had to sit on the Alumni side of the stadium.

  3. Wow.. roses and a football game. You're one lucky duck! I hope you had fun at the game.

    Our weekend was great regarding football. The Longhorns won and so did the Cowboys.

  4. Football? Yeah, I've heard of that. Some kind of ball......and feet, right?

    I want one of those spotless kitchens with the dishes done!! WOW - now That's Impressive!

  5. My parents are huge Big Red fans. Hope you had fun...I haven't even heard if they won.

  6. Hey gals -
    Yup, the Huskers won. It was SO MUCH FUN. I'd love to go back. The stadium was sold out for the 222nd consecutive time - over 77,000 people. Wow.


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