Friday, September 23, 2005


Driving to work this morning, I started to think about all the nicknames I've had. Funny thing to think about on a Friday, but hey, it's Friday, so I'm excused.

My latest nickname from work is "MoMo." Not sure why they picked that one, but it's stuck.

My Dad and brothers call me "Lis." Always have, probably always will.

Another popular one is "Mel."

In school, I was called "Missy" and "Meli."

I won't tell you what my husband calls me. ;-)

And you? What were/are your nicknames?


  1. You would have to ask a crazy question like that? LOL!!

    Ok, I was Dooger to my cousins (still am), Doodle Bug to my father, Honey Doll to my mother, Dana-Do on our dance team in school (My last name was Doughty, so Dana-Do), and now I'm just Momma to the hubby, kids and my best friend.

    Did you get all that? LOL!

  2. My mom called me pumpkin and Bubba. My dh calls me honey. I'm not sure if he knows my name. From the time we started dating he calls me hon, honey, sweetie. To the kids I am mom, mommy, mama. There are days I never hear my own name. What is my name again?

  3. Bony Toni, Spike (after a particularly short hair cut) and my family call me Tone--which sounds naf unless it is them saying it :)

    All horrid and not at all endearing or sweet :)

  4. My sister-in-law calls me Mish. My hubby calls me "Honey." Other than that, it's pretty boring!

  5. I'm not TELLING my nickname growing up...

  6. My daughter is a Melissa, too. She is Lissa, Lis, Mel, Missa, Lissahoney, and BabyBear. Not sure how that one fits in, but it fits her.


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