Thursday, September 08, 2005

Picture Day!

My daughter is having her first school pictures today.

Wow. That is a scary thought.

But ever the prepared mom (ha!), I packed an extra shirt and a hairbrush in her backpack this morning in case she gets a bit of food on her at lunch. :-)

I can't wait to see them.

She also drew a picture for her teacher last night - in fact, she drew the entire kindergarten classroom. It was so adorable. I should have scanned it into my computer before she took it to school today.

This just reinforces the notion that she's doing just fine in kindergarten. Yes, there were a few tears that first day, but she's over it now. But I'm not quite sure that I am. I still tear up whenever I see her carrying her backpack. She just looks so darn little to be going to school! Where did the time go?

I filled out her first Scholastic Book Order last night. Do you remember those? I used to love bringing them home and scanning the pages, then begging mom to let me get "just one!" book. And the day they arrived at school, it felt like Christmas.

In Writing News...

Not much to report. I didn't work on anything last night. Well, that's not entirely true. I have an article that's going to be published in a history magazine and I needed to correct a few details in my footnotes. And while I was at it, I tried to research a particular issue in my current manuscript. Since my hubby and stepson are going to a friend's house to watch football tonight, maybe I'll get some writing done. :-)


  1. Pictures already? Wow.

    Glad she's having fun in school :-) And yes, I remember the bookclub.

    Oooh - cool re the article. Which magazine? Will I be able to find it in Canada?

  2. Ohmigod I loved the Scholastic Book Order! I used to badger the teacher as soon as they were sent off - have they come in yet? Are they here yet? How about now? I would do anything I could think of to let my Mom stretch the 3 book limit to 5...then 6...then 7... c'mon Mom, just one more! They're books! They're educational! Sigh...All these years later and that's the only part of school that I miss.

  3. Tess - it's going to be in Nebraska History. I doubt you'll be able to get it in Canada, but you never know. :-)

  4. Yep, I remeber them. My kids get them and they circle everything. The books are cheaper than the store, so I usually will buy them a couple.

  5. You're more prepared than I ever am!!!

  6. Hope the pictures look great! And I hear you on the tiny little kid with the big guy looks that way to me too.

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