Sunday, September 25, 2005

Time To Write

The house is (fairly) clean, the laundry is done, dishes stacked in the dishdrain, and my daughter has had her lunch.

Time to write.

Now if I can only get past that blinking cursor...


  1. Did you get past it?? And what is this 'laundry done' thing? Totally confusing...anyway I'm gearing up for the big push tomorrow. Good luck this week?

  2. Katie -
    Well, the laundry is done as far as it can be done! :-)
    I'm reading through my manuscript and making notes to get myself in the story. It's been awhile since I've done any writing on it.

  3. Good luck! I hate that blinking cursor on a blank page.

  4. Melissa - yep, been there. Go through it every day. I just force myself to open WriteWayPro and call up the file - then read over what I've already done. And promise myself if I write for 10 minutes, I can stop. Of course, once I get going, it's a lot more than ten minutes till I quit :-)

  5. Good luck with the writing! Whenever I get stuck, I have a word book, all these words that jump out at me when I'm reading compiled alphabetically (Hmm...I think I may need professional help...). But if I grab a word and just write a sentence with it, for some reason that seems to get me past the blinking cursor, even if I don't end up keeping the sentence in the end.

  6. Ok, how much did you get done? I haven't written all week long and feel extreeeeeemely guilty.


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