Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Trip Through Time

Received word from an agent and she requested the full manuscript of my historical Regency romance.


While I am excited, I have also not looked at the darn thing in months. I've been immersed in World War II history and language and thought and now I have to "time travel" back to early 1800's England.

But there's always that chance that this might be IT. Y'know. THE agent that will lead to THE call.

And I'm SO ready for that to happen. :-)


  1. Me, too, Me too! Let's both get The Call!

    Way to go and hopefully this will be the one!!

  2. Awesome! Fire up the time machine and good luck!

  3. Way cool, Melissa!!! That's fantastic. Enjoy your trip back to the early 19th C :-)

  4. woohoo! Go Melissa, Go Melissa, it's your birthday!

    This could be THE agent so you can get THE call!!!!


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