Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How Ya Feelin'?

My co-worker asked me that today after I drug my sorry butt into work about four hours late. I wasn't going to come in at all, but we are having a lunch meeting and I couldn't miss that.

But in response to her question, I said, "Like a frog crawled down my throat and died."

It must be the allergies. Or maybe it's a cold. But I know why I'm sick - not enough sleep. I can go for only so long with my less than my required minimum hours of sleep before I start to feel yucky.

Didn't do much last night. Watched a Cary Grant and Tony Curtis movie called Operation Petticoat. Funny stuff.

What Writing News?

Not much to report. But you can hop over to
  • Villa in Tuscany
  • to check out why
    I'm having a difficult time delving into my manuscript.


    1. Hope you're feeling better soon! I hate being sick. I quarantine myself so everyone doesn't have to listen to my incessant whining.

    2. Poor Melissa!! Not good to be ill. And re the time period thing. They are so different, that it would be hard to be immersed in both and keep your writing focused and true. And it is hard to go back to a book when you feel it is finished. Good luck!!

    3. Love that old movie!

    4. Hope you're feeling better!

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