Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm Sick Again and I've Been Tagged

That is quite the amusing title.

Anyway...I was out sick yesterday with either a bad cold or bad allergies and I still have it today. *groan* If I push myself too hard, I get sick. Let that be a lesson to me! I took the day off and stayed home to watch WWII movies, sleep, guzzle some orange juice, crumple tons of tissue, and just generally feel icky.

I'm back at work today. Sigh...

AE tagged me for this interesting little tidbit...

1) Delve into your blog archive.
2) Find your 23rd Post (or closest to it).
3) Find the fifth sentence (or the closest to it).
4) Post the text of the sentence in your blog. Ponder it for meaning, subtext or hidden agendas.
5) Tag three people to do the same.

Okay. Here is my sentence:

The next morning, I woke up to a beautiful bouqet of red roses and a yummy cake.

And so I ponder...

Upon further reflection, this sounds like a great first line for a novel. It has an air of mystery about it. You know that something "happened" the night before since roses and cake were awaiting the next morning. And all sorts of possibilities jump into your head.

Of course, this post came from my Mother's Day post where hubby had bought me red roses and made me a cake for my special day.

But if I delve into my imagination, I can see a woman waking up in a luxurious hotel room, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, and seeing a huge bouquet of red roses on the table. And her gorgeous, hunky lover steps out from the bathroom, toweling off his six-pack, and smiles at her, saying, "Good morning."

Yeah. I like that one.

Okay. So I'm going to tag three people...





  1. Oh Hell--mine will probably be about poop!!

  2. Hunky lover, eh? Hmmm Is he blond, with a subtle tilt to his grin? Or, my favorite, a Middle Eastern Sultan of seduction? Oh yeah! WooHoo... Sorry, were we talking about cake?? hehehe

  3. No blond men for me! I like 'em with jet black hair. Just like my hubby. :)

  4. Yeah, you're right, that would make a good first line to a novel. Six packs are good. After he says good morning, does he tell her the laundry's done and he cleaned up the kitchen while she was asleep?

  5. You bet! And that's what my hubby did for me on Mother's Day - the entire house was clean when I woke up. Of course, I've had to crack the whip a couple of times since then. ;)


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