Friday, October 28, 2005

More from Deb Dixon's Conference

Let's take a look at your character's goals.

The goal, as defined by Deb Dixon, is what your character hopes to achieve.

The goal has to have a sense of urgency. It doesn't have to be a ticking time bomb - it can be a sense of opportunity that won't come along again.

Ask yourself, "Why her (him), why now?"

Love should be a complication, not a goal. Characters should have strong goals that are separate from the relationship.

Don't give your character anywhere to go but forward.

In Writing News...

I wrote a Halloween short story. I love writing short stories and I don't do it often enough, largely because I need a good, solid idea before I start writing. It has to percolate in my brain for awhile. Otherwise, it will turn into a novel! The short story format is also great because you can really practice the writing craft in a limited amount of space. It's also inspired me to get to work on my novel again!


  1. Cool beans about the short story. :) Care to share??

  2. I like the idea of thinking of love as a complication and not a goal! So realistic...


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