Monday, October 10, 2005

Biker Mama?

My husband finally got a motorcycle. He's been wanting one for years, but we never had the money to afford it. Well, we still don't have the money, but he found a great deal for a bike that we couldn't pass up.

I finally got to take a ride yesterday. I'm sure it was a comical site - my daughter in front, hubby in the middle, and me on the back (all three wearing helmets, of course!). I'm thinking that if we make a habit of this, I need to buy some goggles or maybe get the helmet with the comlete face guard. I think I'd like that. I don't particularly enjoy the wind in my face - not at that rate of speed.

Now I'm on the hunt for a leather jacket because really, you cannot ride a bike without a leather jacket!

I draw the line at going to Sturgis, though (for those of you who don't know, Sturgis is a big biker rally up in Sturgis, South Dakota, and is only a few hours away from my hometown). No leather chaps or skimpy tops for me! (Well, if I had the figure I did ten years ago I might think about it...)

In Writing News...

Not a darn thing done over the weekend. My dad was here visiting from back home and we had a nice time. After he left yesterday, we had to clean house and do the whole grocery shopping experience. But I did manage to get to the mall and buy a few pairs of jeans and some new boots. :-)


  1. Melissa-Biker Babe...I like it. Have you gotten a tattoo yet? Can't be a biker babe without a few tattoos. You will now have to refer to your husband as "my ol' man."

  2. ohh--shopping :)

    I had a boyfriend with a motorbike, years ago. I hardly ever rode it. Not because I didn't want to, but because he loved it more than me :)

    My DH had a scooter-and I can see him getting another one too. For those months without snow :) Enjoy--and get leather everything because if you come off, you're flayed without it.

  3. That's cool that y'all got a bike! I won't let my hubby have one. Nope, he hasn't graduated to the status of buying anything he wants just yet. Probably never will either.

    Don't fret about writing. I'm sure while you were grocery shopping you were plotting or running dialogue in your head, right? :) See, if you do that then you're still working on it, but not typing. It's all good.

  4. Melissa!!! GET A FULL FACE HELMET - NOW!!!!! I'm serious, I've seen one after its rider hit the ground at a relatively low rate of speed. The chin/mouth guard was half destroyed, but HE was fine. Trust me, it's worth the investment. And they keep the bugs out *g*. Ditto the leather jacket. At our class in May, they gave us stats on how long it takes a jean jacket to shred vs how long it takes a kevlar or leather one to shred. The jj will be gone in .3 seconds if you go down.

    Way cool re going to Sturgis. We've only seen it on TV, either watching Jesse James or via Biker Buildoff. *sigh* Maybe one of these years we can meet you there!

    And yes, I'm breaking my own rule re posting to other blogs when I should be working, but I'm at the office and just HAD to tell you to buy a full face helmet. And make sure it's done up. The former boyfriend of a friend's sister suffered brain damage when he laid his bike down and hit his head - the helmet fell off because it wasn't done up.

  5. Good figures are wasted on the young ...

  6. I'm not brave enough to ride a motorcycle, but glad you guys had fun!


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