Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Time to Focus...Again

Do you ever lose your focus? I do.

Both my parents came to visit a week ago and I loved it. I didn't worry about my writing or much of anything else, but spent my time enjoying their company.

I also pushed myself a little too hard and thus, the cold.

But even when I'm sick and running my children around, taking care of the house, and making sure the dogs don't eat the new cat, I think about my writing.

And that's when I get excited. Giddy. And I can't wait to regain my focus again. Cleaning my desk is the first step. Making sure I have plenty of chocolate is the next. (Hmm...might not be a good thing!). And the all important third step - sitting down at the computer and writing.

I have to regain my focus every few months. Life just does that to us all, I suppose. But being able to experiene that giddiness, that wanting to write, that absolute excitement, is worth it.

Announcing a New Blog...

Oh, stop your snickering! Another blog? you ask.

Yes. But it's a very GOOD one, I promise.

Find out here:
  • My New Blog!

    1. Congratulations on finding the focus! :)

    2. I've been in need of focus lately too. The writing conference I went to last weekend helped tremendously! Woohoo! :)

    3. Cool new blog! I like the starry background. Very eye catching.

      As for focus, I used to lose it, but I found once I started writing every day it was much easier to stay in the groove.

    4. I loose focus, and like you it is usually physical/family/animal related. And *shhh* I find blogs to be very distracting...

      Get to writing that story! :)

    5. Hard to focus when the world goes mad around you :) That's when I try to edit!

      I like your new new blog!!

    6. Anonymous8:34 PM

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