Friday, October 07, 2005

Book Sale!

I took a two hour lunch break yesterday (don't worry - I didn't take a lunch on Monday, so I'm good on the whole time thing) and went to our city library's book sale. They actually hold it at the state fair fairgrounds because they have SOOOOO many books.

People were lined up outside to get in! I couldn't believe it. I high-tailed it over to the history section and saw people literally grabbing books like scavengers. Very weird.

Of course, the paperback section - about five tables worth - was relatively calm compared to the history section. It got me to thinking that history buffs are a weird lot. Well, look at me. I fit right in! LOL

I came home with some great bargains and even found a ton of biographies on Hollywood stars. Sophia Loren, Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra, and Deborah Kerr, to name a few. Also grabbed quite a few World War II history books. I only got a few romances because number one, I was running out of time to look through the entire section and two, because I already had quite a few of the books.

Hubby grabbed a bunch of books, as well. The only problem? We have no more bookshelves to put all these books on! Time to go shopping!


  1. Our library sale was last weekend. Love that thing! I stocked up on kids' books and by the time I got to romance, I had my hands full and didn't see anything I HAD to have.

  2. Oh wow that sounds like fun. I've never heard of our library doing that but I wish they would! I hear ya about the bookshelves. I need about two more for all the books piled on my floor. Maybe I should add that to my Christmas list.

  3. there are never enough shelves in our house to hold all my books. Hence the boxes and stacks and piles all over the place...

  4. I need about six more bookshelves to house all my books. They are stacked so deep, it's unreal. :) And clearly, I don't have enough books.


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