Friday, December 16, 2005

Ten Days!

Ten days until Christmas? Wow. When did that happen?

Thankfully, most of my shopping is done. To make things easy this year, hubby and I decided to give the couples in our families gift certificates to a restaurant. You can't go wrong with those!

I still need to wrap presents for our kids and we're trying to decide when they should open their gifts. Since we're traveling clear across the state in my little Ford Escort (and we're going to have THREE kids since my other stepson is coming Saturday from Kentucky), we don't have room to bring them. I don't know if the kids can wait until after Christmas to open their presents from us, but it might be easier than opening them before Christmas and having them want to bring them on the trip!

I still need to get my hubby a few things - he's always hard to shop for. He's such a guy - he likes tools and home theater systems and new Dodge pick-ups!!! :-) But I have an idea what I'm going to get - I just need to sneak off for awhile and shop.

No writing done - although I did play with my new laptop last night. In fact, I watched a Christmas movie on the laptop's DVD player. That was fun.

I also updated my World War II blog - did a book review for a wonderful inspirational romance series that takes place during World War II. Check it out!


  1. Good luck shopping for the hubby. I still have to get some things for my parents. And then I'm DONE. Well, except for wrapping, etc....

  2. I have all my shopping done, but my knitting projects are now in peril of not being completed. I realized last night I had forgotten one completely that went with a purchased part of a gift. Eek! Looks like my evenings will be spent knitting like mad...

  3. Doesn't time just fly!! In a week it will be Boxing Day. I intend to go for a walk that day, then curl up by the fire with a book and a cat (or two *g*).

    I now have to get some stocking stuff for Sean and HOPE that the pressie I ordered for him from the States gets through Customs in time. I have something else for under the tree, just in case it doesn't.

    Other than that, I have presents to wrap for my "nieces" (children of one of my best friends - younger is my goddaughter) and for my mum. And baking.


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