Thursday, December 22, 2005

Joy to the World!

There's a lot of reasons to be joyful right now!

Reason #1:

I tried on two pairs of jeans that I haven't been able to even button for many, many months. And guess what? I buttoned them. They were still a little snug, but wearable. WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!

Reason #2:

I get off work at 2 p.m. today and I have tomorrow off. In fact, I don't have to come back to work until January 3 since I took three days off next week and our company is closed from the 30th through the 2nd. Major writing time coming up!!!!!!

Reason #3:

We're going to see our families for Christmas. I'm so excited to visit with everyone and can't wait to see their faces when they open their presents!

Reason #4:

It's Christmas!!!! I've tried very hard this year to remember the reason that I celebrate Christmas - the birth of Jesus. It's easy to get sucked into Santa Claus and the commercial aspects of Christmas and forget why I celebrate it in the first place.

Reason #5:

I met my goal of exercising three times a week for the past two weeks. Another big WOOO-HOOOO!!!!

Reason #6:

I have terrific friends, both online and off, and I'm thankful for each and every one of you!


  1. What a wonderful post. Thx for sharing, it's inspiring!
    Happy holidays to you and yours.

  2. Thanks, Nienke! Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. Melissa- great reasons...(I am envious of the jeans fitting as I had to unbutton mine last night!!)

    Have a lovely holiday Toni.XXX

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Mel, we are also thankful for having you in our life! You are such a gem to have as a friend and very kind to all around you. I hope you Christmas and Holiday season is all you hope it to be. See you next year then? I am jealous....j/k

  5. Those are definitely great things! And congrats on the jeans! :)

  6. Mel - wow, lots of good news!!! An wahoo on the jeans fitting! I always love that feeling :-)

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Yay on the jeans and the joys of Christmas!


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