Sunday, December 04, 2005

And It's Off!

What do you do when you and your husband get into an argument and you really just don't feel like being in the same room as he is?

Why, you go downstairs to your office, turn on the space heater, grab a Diet Pepsi and some Hershey's Kisses, and start writing.

I just sent off a query letter to a history magazine. I have high hopes, but we'll see what happens.

I figure if I'm not in the mood to work on the novel (which I hope to be by this evening), then I'll work on other writing projects.

We went to the Christmas parade yesterday morning. Wow. Talk about freezing your buns off! A gentle snow fell during the entire parade and while it was positively beautiful (have you ever stopped to look at a single individual snowflake? It is absolutely AMAZING how intricate and detailed they are), we were all so cold that we really couldn't enjoy the parade. A lot of entrants canceled, too - only one marching band out of twenty showed up. Ah well.

Also went Christmas shopping last night. I tell ya, some of these sales people are REALLY starting to bug me. You know the type - the ones that have the little booths out in the middle of the mall, selling nail products or hair products or whatever. Every single time I go to the mall they try and snag me. And here's how they do it:

"Can I ask you a question?"

And if you say, "Sure," then you're in for it.

Lately I just say, "I already have that stuff" which is true, only I bought it last year and hardly ever use it on my nails simply because I type too much and do not have time to have long nails.

I know it's their job, but it's really really annoying me. I've been to the mall probably so much lately you'd think they'd quit trying. But no...every time they try and "ask me a question."

Tomorrow is Monday already...not ready for it at all. That means another week of work, work, work. I must admit, most of the time the whole routine doesn't bother me. I just try not to think about it too much. But lately...well, lately I wish I could just take an entire week off. And that will happen the week before Christmas. Unfortunately, I'll also have THREE children in the house since my other stepson is coming from Kentucky to celebrate Christmas with us. But they should have enough Christmas presents to keep them busy while I work on my writing, lounge on the couch, or read a good book.


  1. I used to get in fights with my husband simply so I would have an excuse to be in a room alone without him.

    I haven't been to the mall yet. I might go just for the fun of it next week.

  2. I usually give the mall people the glassy-eyed stare and keep walking, pretending like I didn't hear them. I feel bad, but I really don't want the stuff.

  3. Semi-permanent scowls work wonders. The "middle of the mallers" never approach me. I must not look like an easy target. Try looking scary, see if that works. *grin*

    Best of luck with the THREE kids. It seems that there is always an extra one here, too. My two and one of their buddies. Ugh.

  4. You know what I find gets rid of those pesky 'can I ask you a question' people? When they say that, respond with - does it have any thing to do with frogs? They'll obviously say 'no'. Then you shrug, and say 'then I'm not interested'.

  5. Kelly, LOL!!! I might have to try that.

  6. Rene, I usually don't have a problem with being in the same room as he is because HE'S NEVER HOME!!! LOL

    Michelle and AE, I shall have to try a glassy-eyed stare or a scowl next time. :-)

  7. I had one of those experiences:
    Guy: "Miss, are your nails real?"

    Me: *giving him a weird look as I consider my bitten, stubby fingernails badly in need of a repolish* "Yes."

  8. C. Rooney, that is too funny! I don't have anything close to nice fingernails, either. I can't type with long nails!


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