Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Couple Days Off!

Ever heard this great Huey Lewis and the News song? "All I want is a couple days off!!!"

Well, I really did want a couple days off. But today, I got one whether I wanted it or not.

I was on my way out the door to pull the car out of the garage when I noticed my keys were missing. No big deal, I thought. Hubby probably put them on the table or in my purse. But after I checked both places and didn't find them, I started to worry.

In fact, the more I checked, the more empty-handed I became. I called him and asked him to look and see if he'd accidentally taken them. Nope, he said. He couldn't find them anywhere.

Keep in mind that I had a persistent feeling that he HAD taken the keys, but had spaced off just WHERE he put them.

A few minutes later, he called back.

"I found them in my pocket."

Big eye-rolling session ensued. Hubby is working 88 miles away from home and of course, he discovered that he had my keys AFTER he made that hour and a half drive. He also had the spare key on his own key ring.

Guess what? No keys!

Since we do not have another available (i.e. working) vehicle, the kids and I stayed home today. I didn't have much of a choice. But really, it's okay to take a break from the routine during the working week. I think it does everyone a bit of good.

Not that I've been taking a break. I'm working just as hard here at home as I do at work. That's the benefit (or lack thereof) of having a computer at home.

On the plus side, I've got the laundry started, I don't have to leave the house (or rather, I CAN'T leave the house) to go pick up the kids or do anything else, and I just might have time to write tonight!


  1. Argh on the keys, but yay on the pseudo day off! :) Now go write something!!

  2. I'd love to have a few days off. Preferably in a cabin in the woods, snowed in with a well stocked fridge, roaring fire and enough power to keep my laptop going.

  3. My husband has ran off with both sets of keys before. I made him treck the 30 minute ride home to bring them back even though I didn't go anywhere! hehe Tought him a lesson. I'm mean.

    It is nice to have a day off though. Besides, it's fricken cold outside today. We're sittin' at 19 degrees! I've had to run outside and get more firewood! Brrrr! hehe

  4. My husband did that once. I loved it. I truly love it when he messes up, 'cause I do it all the time. I've locked myself out of my house several times, out of my car (both at home, at college 40 minutes away), at work (40 minutes away in another direction), and at Wal-mart. I've also left my wallet in a restaurant half-way through a ten hour drive.

    So, I make the most if it when he does something stupid.

    I hope you enjoyed your day off.


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