Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Let the Writing Begin!

Okay. The writing won't begin until I clean this house!!! We got home last night around 9 p.m. and unloaded all the packages and clothes. I've determined that I have to give my daughter's room a thorough cleaning in order to fit her new Christmas gifts.

It was a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas Eve, my grandfather was able to come home from the resthome and be with his family. We enjoyed butterball soup and homemade cherry cheesecake! I went to the Christmas Eve service with my family at the church I grew up in and it was a very blessed evening.

Christmas Day was absolutely wonderful. We went to my brother's house (the family farmhouse and farm that has been in the family for four generations) and ate wonderful food, opened presents, played games, and watched movies. It was so relaxing and I just loved being able to sit back and enjoy being with my family.

The trip home wasn't too eventful, but it was long. It's a 5 1/2 hour drive. Luckily, the kids stayed busy watching movies and playing with their new toys.

I took this week off from work and I slept in this morning. Woo hoo!!! *grin* I'm excited to start using my digital camera (hubby really spoiled me this year!) to share some photos with you all.

I'm also very excited to start writing. Maybe I can ignore the house for awhile and indulge myself. Ha!

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  1. Yay for the digital camera! WooHoo My hubby gave me Nickelback tickets and this wicked awesome onyx ring. There was more, of course, but those two stand out. :)

    And, Yay for writing. *sheepish grin* I started a new one myself, just yesterday. Simply put, I love to write.


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