Friday, January 02, 2009

Stuff and Nonsense

Well, It's 2009. How did that happen? Time marches on, that's for certain, but it just boggles my mind that we're already this far into the new millenium.

I didn't go out and party on New Year's Eve as I have a tradition of gorging myself on chips and dip and watching movies. So that's exactly what I did, and I even had a bit of bubbly (ok, ok, so it was ginger ale in a very nice wine glass, but at least I didn't have a hangover the next morning, right?) I watched a few movies, one of them being Keira Knightley's
Pride and Prejudice. Great movie, though I think Colin Firth will always be Mr. Darcy. ;-) And I also ate way too many Oreos dipped in milk. Really. Is there anything better than this age-old snack? Absolute heaven!

I didn't do much for New Year's Day. My daughter was at her Dad's house, so I took the
opportunity to sleep in. I don't know why I love to snatch a few hours of extra sleep on my days off, but I do. I also made a healthy lunch (and I actually threw away the rest of the potato chips and dip from the previous evening - I would have ate the entire thing otherwise!) and even took an afternoon nap.

I also tried mastering some new stitches for my latest adventure - embroidery. I used to do a bit of it in junior high, so I figured I'd try it again. Not sure it's going to work since I don't have a lot of patience with it and I'm having a hard time with some of the stitches. However, I did master the French knot quite easily. So why, then, am I having a difficult time with the easier stitches? Even when I watch the stitching tutorials online, I still founder. Nothing to do but keep at it.

And, of course, I wrote on the novel. Wow. It was like pulling teeth. I just couldn't get the words out right, but I kept going, ending up with a dismal total of 1,700. But at least I finished the chapter. And hey - you can't fix nothing, right? Let me tell you, that chapter is going to need a lot of fixing.


  1. Maybe you can contemplate the fixin' while working on the embroidery! ;)

    I like the idea of a secondary art form - the embroidery. I'll bet a lot of the skills involved, on an abstract level, tie in to writing?

  2. Your Eve and Day sound perfect!

    Great job on the writing progress. Keep it up. A little at a time will get you far!

  3. Your new year's eve and new years day sound fab.

    Well done for writing at all, I haven't achieved half as much as you, and as you say, it can be fixed if you're not happy with it.

  4. Your NYEve sounds fabulous!! We did nothing but I was forced to watch 150 hours of TruTV stupid crooks/competitors/something else. My daughter's favorite show and it had a new year's marathon. Yay!! No oreos. No chips/dip. I got robbed!! :)

    On another note, to respond to your comment on my blog, I must have been in the drawing class next door, because we had a female model...intentionally very large so we would draw what we "see" instead of what we "know". Meaning lots of rolls and this chick was in her underwear. I can't imagine she was comfortable with that...I know I wasn't!

  5. Joanne - That's a great idea. Last night, I embroidered while I listened to old radio shows - talk about fun! I listened to one with Lucille Ball, one with Gene Kelley and Ethel Barrymore, and of course, Sam Spade, the detective. I actually stayed up pretty late listening to those and finishing one part of my embroidery.

    Janna - You're right. That's what I told myself - it's 1,700 words that I didn't have before!

    Ang - Will do. :-)

    Sharla - Oh, I have seen that TruTV! You poor thing! You definitely needed Oreos and milk to get you through that!

    Strangely enough, we never had any female models in our figure drawing class, but after hearing your story, I'm rather glad!

  6. Gosh, you are a party animal. My mom was big into embroidery. I do counted cross-stich although I stopped when I had kids. When they were babies they'd get into my DMC floss and do ugly things.

  7. I love quiet New Year's.

    And 1700 words is excellent. Just keep going, word by word. You'll get there.

  8. Rene - I am SUCH a party animal. Ha! I thought about doing counted cross stitch, but the whole "counting" thing kinda threw me off the idea. ;-)

    Devon - A quiet New Year's is exactly what I like anymore. :-)

  9. I tried embroidery when I was really into making beaded jewelry. I thought I could bead my clothes. not so much. It's hard! And I can knit and cross stitch, but embroidery is a different animal. Just consider it research for a Regency - you'll totally get what it's like to sit there with a hoop after dinner!

    And I know what those chapters are like that are so hard - good for you for getting it done. I find I always like them more in retrospect than I do the first time around.

  10. Robin - I was so excited today when I mastered the Lazy Daisy stitch. Ha! But yes, I thought the same thing when I was embroidering about the Regency thing. Can you imagine doing that every single night? And what if you hated doing it but had to "work on your stitching so that you will be an accomplished lady!"?


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