Thursday, January 29, 2009


Why is it so darn hard to lose weight? I lost 30 pounds two years ago, and then gained a lot of it back when my husband was in the hospital for a staph infection and all the rigamarole that went with it for months afterwards.

Now, I've changed my eating habits. I don't eat hardly any processed food. I eat my veggies. I have cut down on portion sizes. I do not eat desserts except perhaps once a week. I drink lots and lots of water. I actually think my stomach is starting to shrink. Then why isn't the rest of me?

Granted, I need to work out more. I have been thinking of excuse upon excuse why I can't go to the gym. I hate leaving my daughter in daycare any longer than I have to, and that's a major reason why I don't go exercise after work. If I could just take her with me to the gym, I would, but they do not allow kids.

So that only leaves the weekend. I usually go at least twice during the weekend, but last weekend I didn't go at all.

Still. You would think that drastically changing my eating habits would help shed some of this weight. You would think, right? Then why isn't it? could be a myriad of things with me. My thyroid. My PCOS. My out-of-whack hormones. Sometimes, I just wish I could accept myself at the weight I am - but I know it's not the best weight for me and for me to be healthier, I need to lose some.

I hope the solution is exercise. Now I just have to quit finding excuses. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have my daughter in daycare for an extra hour (but I know she hates it as it is...) so I can use that time to exercise. I've also toyed with the idea of working through at least two lunches a week so I can take off earlier and work out so that my daughter doesn't have to spend that extra time in daycare (and I don't have to pay for that extra time, either).

Guess I'm just frustrated today.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. :-)


  1. The solution is exercise. I've done the same things as you, healthier eating, no processed foods, nothing from a box or bag, whole foods, smaller portions, and the weight stayed until I kicked my workouts up a notch (but kept the good eating habits)

    I lost 12 pounds in a matter of months with short but intense workouts but unfortunately put a lot back on when I let life get in the way. I'm trying to get back on track now :).

    I've done a lot of different workouts and regimens--I have trained for a triathlon and several 12-hour adventures races--and I've found that exercise performed at a steady pace for a long time (40 minutes to an hour +) doesn't do as much for weight loss and building muscle (the more muscle you have the more fat you'll burn just sitting around) as shorter workouts (20 to 30 minutes) that vary the intensity.

    I dropped the most weight in years and fast when I would do 25 minutes on the treadmill. I warmed up for 5 minutes and then for 20 minutes I would mix it up, running as fast as I could for a minute or two, walking to recover for 30 seconds to a minute, and repeating. If you watch Biggest Loser they have them do this.

    Also, (something they do on Biggest Loser too) body weight exercises like squats and lunges and sit-ups and push-ups, whip you into quick shape and there's no gym needed.

    Ok, one last thing. In the February issue of Shape magazine there is a killer workout that is kicking my butt but I know is going to payoff big because I can feel the burn and the next day I'm sore. The issue should still be on stands.

    Ok, one last, last thing. I have Hashimoto's thyroid and last check-up the doc was concerned about PCOS and there's some stuff that goes on with my heart but I've found that when I get the weight off those thing stabilize--as soon as I put the weight back on they come back with a vengeance.

    Body weight exercises, yoga, Pilates, all that can be done at home during the week with your daughter--what a great way to show her the value of exercise and how to work into your lifestyle.

    If you want I'll do a Just Workout challenge with you :).

    Hang in there. Every little thing you can squeeze in makes a difference, just like writing.

  2. There was an interesting article in one of the health/fitness magazines I regularly read that backed up what I've been doing: Diet foods in the house will hurt your weight-loss regimen, not help it.

    Diet foods leave you feeling unfullfilled, whereas whole, healthy foods in moderation work better when you want to lose weight.

    But just changing eating habits isn't enough.

    You don't need a gym.

    Work out at home. There are some great DVDS. Yoga Journal has terrific podcasts and way to build routines and you don't need to be a subscriber. Fitness, Self, and Shape all have great online communities. iVillage has great online communities.

    And walk as much as you can. Nothing helps more than walking rather than driving everywhere.

    I do yoga seven mornings/week, and I work out six nights a week. I lost 9 lbs, in about six weeks without adjusting my eating habits at all.

    I should do Pilates, but I don't -- I recommend it, if you're looking for something with long-lasting and overall effects.

    I don't do treadmills or stationary bikes. If I'm going to work that hard, I want to end up in a different location than I started! ;)

    You can do this.

  3. I'm behind on my blog I just wanted to say I'm liking the new background, very cool! And congrats on finishing #3! Even cooler!

  4. There's that whole discipline thing, which seems to be so important for a lot of things. (And I speak from experience.) ;)

    Hang in there, and good luck!

  5. LOL! I think I am right were you are right now! And I have been exercising! LOL! I don't know what to say, keep plugging along... I look at it this way, at least I'm not getting bigger! LOL!

  6. What Devon says about the diet food is exactly what Paul McKenna says (referred to on the slimming blog). I've already responded to this over on the slimming blog, but I'll just add a quick overview here - see what you and your daughter can do together and cancel the gym membership. If you're not paying daycare for that hour either, you'll have money to put towards something you can do together.

  7. I wouldn't leave my daughter in daycare longer either, but you could find a gym with a play area there - my kids LOVED going there.

    Or, you could do what the other posters suggested and use dvd's or dumbells at home - walk a ton - that sort of thing.

    I've got 30 pounds of baby weight to lose - and it just keeps getting harder. I could drop it no problem in my 20's, now, not so much!! Stick with it!!

  8. Loved reading some comments. I always had trouble losing but now it seems I can't keep the weight on! What have I done differently? (besides major stress!) I don't eat after 6pm and I cut the gluten--but I also eat small meals all day. I don't exercize enough at all!

  9. Jenna - Wow, lots of great advice. I know my health would improve if I drop the weight. That should be my main motivation, but instead, it's that cute red dress in my closet and a few other clothes. Well, whatever gets me motivated, right? And I know PCOS is much better controlled when you can take the weight off, too. Fun, fun!

    Devon - Yep, I don't do diet foods. I just changed the way I eat. I don't think I could ever follow a specific diet where I ate only certain foods. Would drive me nuts. And thanks for the vote of confidence - you're right, I CAN do this!

    Hi Sharla! Glad you like the new background. I thought it was cute. But I may change my mind in a few days. Hahaha...

    Janna - Funny thing. I never used to have to worry about my weight. Through high school and college, I ate whatever I wanted and never gained a pound. I started to gain a bit after college, but it was after I had my daughter and had some very bad birth control that things got all messed up. Consequently, I never really learned how to "eat right." My grandmother and my mother were such good cooks and they made lots of baked goods. I always pigged out on them. I've had to learn not to do that anymore and it's HARD.

    Giddy - I got on the scale today and saw that I hadn't gained anything, either, so yeah, that's a good thing!

    Diane - I definitely plan on walking and doing more things outside when it warms up. My daughter loves to go one walks. Unfortunately, I had to sign a year-long contract with the gym and I really do like the work-out I get there. Just need to find time to fit in it - that and the discipline aspect.

    Robin - I feel your pain. My 20's were great for my metabolism!

    Terri - It is amazing what stress will do to your body! I know it probably added lots of pounds to my frame, too.

  10. For me exercise is always the key - even when I wasn't going to ghe gym much (before we had an elliptical trainer) I did LOTS or walking. Does your daughter like to walk? Does she have a bike she could ride while you walk? That way you could be together. It has to be fast walking, of course, but if you can manage an 45 mins to an hour of walking per day, you'd be amazed. Add to that the yoga DVDs etc. Or get a step for use at home and some DVDs. Your daughter can watch and cheer you on :)

    I changed my food habits a few years ago and now have very few basic carbs. Most of the carbs I eat are the complex ones - even my cookies/cakes have whole wheat flour (I just substitute) and oats.

    And eating breakfast. You do eat breakfast? Complex carbs and protein. Yogurt (not highly sugared - I cut up an apple into plain low fat yogurt and flavour with cinnamon) is also good for helping lost weight.

    I was blessed with good genes, but still have to be careful or I gain weight in all the wrong places.

  11. Tess - When the weather gets nicer out, we'll definitely be going on longer walks. Right now, we get home after 5 p.m. and it's already almost dark, so there's no time to do the walking thing. But when the longer days get here, I know we'll take advantage of them.

    And yeah, I eat breakfast every day. Can't go without it!

  12. Age is a factor too. Ug! Sometimes we just plateau and have to wait for the loss cycle to come back around. You've mentioned various health things too. It all works together to make your body hang on to every fat cell it's built up. Isn't metabolism a weird thing?

  13. I'm with Angie on the health issues stuff. Exercise is definitely important, but don't underestimate things like hormones, thyroids, age factors, etc. We women are complicated creatures!

    Oprah has been running a great series lately about menopause and perimenopause. I don't know your age (and won't ask), but those kinds of things can start affecting you in your mid-30's.

    I'd certainly bump up your exercise routine if you can, but if that doesn't work, you might want to visit your doctor to see if something else is going on. Good luck! It'll get better!

  14. Losing weight is so damn difficult. Easy to put on, almost impossible to lose. I think it is down to exercise though. Obvously, you need to eat sensibly too but the weight doesn't seem to shift without the exercise. Plenty of good brisk walks, me thinks.

    Good luck. You can do it!

  15. Fidgit. Really. Fidget more. When you're sitting at the computer, giggle your legs. When you're curled up on the couch reading a book, uncurl, stretch your legs out and pull your toes back toward you. When you're driving, shrug your shoulders up and back. When you're lying in bed worrying about [fill in the blank] roll gently from side to side. It makes sense to me that any extra movements in your day will burn calories. But I also think it's a very important not to judge yourself harshly. It's not a failing to be a few pounds overweight. The striving for perfection can be a disease unto itself.


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