Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nothing Much to Say

It's rare that I don't have a specific blog post in mind, but that seems to be the case today. I had a productive evening last night - worked on my embroidery while listening to three different radio programs - A Date with Judy, the Bob Hope Show, and My Favorite Husband. Great fun.

My daughter and I also practiced her multiplication flashcards. And she's so excited about doing them! I consider that a bonus. She did rather well last night. I know if she can just get these facts memorized, she'll do a lot better in school.

Then it was on to the novel. I am in the last stages and growing excited. I'm pleased with the story and very much looking forward to editing it and making it stronger, weaving in my theme, and focusing on certain elements.

It's very cold here - it's four degrees below zero right now and that's not accounting for the wind chill. A good day to stay inside, that's for sure!

What's up in your neck of the woods?


  1. YAY! I'm so excited you're doing so well on your novel! I'm happy for you! heheheh! And how cool is it that your daughter is loving her flash cards!

  2. S.O.S. here. (Same ol' Stuff). Dentist, working on ms, clean the house, take care of pup, over to Mom's for the night. :)

  3. Things here have turned so cold I don't think I'll be warm again until May...brrrr....

  4. A lazy, slow day. Well, I worked for an hour, then I'm not getting much done, and I'm about to work for another 7 or 8. Still, I tend to feel lazy and guilty if I'm not zooming 24 hours a day. I really have to get over that.

  5. Bowling buddies. Lots and lots of bowling buddies.

  6. Sorry to hear it's so cold, but well done with the writing.

  7. Good grief. When it hit 19 here I thought I might die.

  8. Sometimes when you're really productive, it leaves little for you to say about the rest of life! Good for you!

  9. Yes, Melissa! What a great night you had.

    I've made great progress the last couple of days, except today... was thwarted by a cursed migraine. If I can get the last of this pain to lift, I may try to write more after the kids are in bed.

  10. Man it was super cold today. Walking to my class it wasn't that bad but, even though it was the same distance, it seemed down right frigid when I returned to the car.

  11. Arctic cold here too! Wind chills below 0. One thing I do like about this time of year is that the cold keeps me inside and writing!

  12. Giddy - I'm so glad she's loving them, too! We even worked on them (at her insistence) right before bedtime. :-)

    Angie - Eww. I hate that the dentist is part of the S.O.S. :-)

    Kelly - I know exactly what you mean!

    Spy - I gave up zooming around. I felt so unproductive when I did. Now, if I get a good hour's work in, I feel satisfied. :-)

    Rene - Now if you can only beat my high score...

    Debs - Thanks!

    Robin - It is cold ALL OVER the place!

    Devon - I think you're right. :-)

    Janna - Ohh, sorry about the migraine. I get the bad tension headaches so I know how you feel. But I'm so glad you're making such great writing progress!

    Brian - I go out of my way to stay inside during these cold days. Thankfully, my job allows me to do it without too much problem. ;-)

    Joanne - Oh, yes. This is the perfect time of year to write! Who wants to be outside when it's freezing? Writing by the fire is much better. :-)

  13. Just look at your status bar. You must be quite excited. And nothing to say? I'd say you had plenty to say there.

  14. 4 degrees below???? We actually turned heat on again today and I bought a small heater for the living room cause it is in the 50's!!

  15. Diane - Oh, I know! It's getting close to being done!

    Terri - Oh, 50 degrees is warm here! :)

  16. I don't know about you, but I'm dead sick of winter 'round here, Melissa. I think it's giving everyone a case of the blahs.

    Today was another good day to stay inside, I think.

  17. Jen - I'm actually a fan of winter, so I've been enjoying the snow we got. :-) I get depressed much more during the summer. I know, I know, I'm weird. :-)


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