Thursday, January 22, 2009


I made a trek to my university library yesterday to pick up a few research books. Gotta admit, I love living in a town that has a very well-stocked research library.It's absolutely full of wonderful stuff. I could spend hours puttering through it, but hours I do not have, so I must get in, get what I need, and get back out again.

I'm searching for one tiny piece of information for my novel - and do you think I can find it? Despite having entire book chapters devoted to the subject at hand, do you think I can locate that one little fact I need? Nope. And without that fact, it makes it a bit difficult to finish the novel. So either I leave a great, gapping hole and then write the ending chapter, or I press on until I find the information I need.

But, the wonderful thing about the Internet is that resources are only an email away. (Well, they're a phone call away, too, but I am one of those weird people who has an extremely difficult time calling a stranger and asking them a bizarre question because I'm researching a novel.)

So! Off to the vast World Wide Web I go...


  1. Try not to let it block you. Spend a little time trying to track down the information by all means, but give yourself a time limit on it and then get on with the rest of the story. You can always go back to it, and if you send out sufficient vibes, someone may have responded by the time you do go back to it.

  2. I've never called anyone for research. Too embarrassing! Have you tried the research librarian? They supposedly can find anything!

  3. Mr. Google is my faithful boyfriend. :)

  4. ACK! Good luck! I hate that! I hate not knowing something when I want to find it. good luck in your search! Jenni

  5. Don't like confrontation or asking questions that make people think I'm a stalker or a crazy person. "You're a what? A writer?(said like tasting castor oil) What have you written?" And since I have nothing to dangle on that answer, I'm all about Google too!

  6. Good luck getting that detail!

    And I hear you. I'm not good on the phone - even when I KNOW the person!

  7. I do hope you find the info you need soon.


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