Monday, November 14, 2005

Writer's Retreat

Yesterday my mother and I went to a Victorian Tea at The Atwood House Bed and Breakfast (pictured at left What a delightful time! The house was decorated for Christmas with historic decorations, carolers sang, and yummy goodies and tea filled my sugar cravings. It was so warm and cozy that I truly wanted to just stay and have my own little writer's retreat. In fact, I just might do that someday.

Which brings to mind a question: have you ever pampered yourself with a writing retreat, just by yourself? I've always wanted to do this - just bring my laptop, go to a gorgeous bed and breakfast, and just immerse myself in my writing. Just me. No television or internet to distract me, but only my words and thoughts.

Maybe I'll get to do this someday...


  1. Mike and I stayed at the Atwood House for our first anniversary, it was very nice and relaxing. Definately somewhere to pamper yourself!

  2. I haven't ever done it so far, but would LOVE to. RWA National Conference is usually my "social" retreat.

  3. That is such a good idea. No phone, no internet. And please can someone take solitare off of my computer for that retreat, too? LOL!!

    Maybe we could organize something like that where we each find a B&B to go to and report in with our progress and what we did that mean a lot to us?

  4. It DOES look gorgeous there. Somewhere my mum would like as well :-)

    As for a writers retreat, nah, never done one. Would love to do it this week and next, but with Sean still working so much and the business still active, I can't. OTOH, by this time next year I'll have my own writers retreat right in my house! Have invited my own writer friends to come stay and treat it like a retreat - though we'd have to promise not to spend all day talking *vbg*.

  5. Oh my God! WOuldn't that be a dream. I just want to crawl into that picture. Beautiful place!

  6. A writer's retreat would be wonderful! My husband has even suggested it for me. I could be gone the entire weekend, Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Just writing, swimming (motel must have indoor pool and hot tub) and more writing. Heaven!!!

    The B&B sounds like a lovely place for tea.


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