Monday, November 21, 2005


I love to listen to National Public Radio, especially at work lately. For some reason, though, I can only listen to it at certain times of the year. Mostly fall and winter months. I like to get more into my "historical" mood around this time of the year with the holidays. Kinda weird, I think. But classical music puts me in that mood...completely. It gives me a sense of peace.

There is also a book - my all-time favorite - that I love to read around the holidays: Rosalind Laker's Tree of Gold. A touching, beautiful story - and really, my first romance. I first read it during Christmas break while in junior high and ever since, I've always associated it with the holidays.

What about you? Any particular books/music that put you in the mood for the holiday season?


  1. Just Christmas music, but it has to be the right time, or it drives me nuts. The right time hasn't come yet this year, and already, one radio station is playing nonstop Christmas music.

  2. We have radio stations doing the same thing. I think they even started a few weeks ago. Ridiculous. I make it a rule not to start celebrating Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.

  3. "I'll be home for Christmas." I cry almost everytime I hear it. It makes me think of my brother who passed away when I was 14. He used to always come home for Christmas. God, I used to love Christmas just to have him home again.

  4. Ready to laugh? Every Christmas I listen to George Straight's Merry Christmas Straight To You. It has the cutest song "Texas Christmas To Me" on there that just makes me laugh. Sometimes I even listen to it in the middle of summer.

  5. Handel's Messiah and pretty much anything off A Very Special Christmas 2 - I'm partial to Randy Travis's Jingle Bell Rock and Tom Petty's It's Christmas All Over Again.

    As for reading, I always love the Harlequin Historical's Christmas Anthology. I've one I didn't get to last Christmas, so I'll pull it out in early December.

    So, is that film developed yet? (foot tapping)

  6. Last year around this time I read Victoria Alexander's, A Visit From Sir Nicholas which took place during Christmas and got me in the mood. This year she has a new one out that also takes place during Christmas. I picked it up on the weekend to enjoy in December.

  7. Tess, I'm taking the film to the one-hour developing place today!!! :-)

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