Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm In The Market

I am desperately in need of a laserjet printer. I'm tired of my inkjet, tired of refilling the ink and spending too much money on said ink.

Besides, a full manuscript uses up about an entire cartridge of that high-priced ink.

So I'm in the market for a laserjet printer and I need your advice!

What's the best brand?

Where's the best place to shop? Online or at an office supply store? Or Wal-Mart?

What is the most I should pay for a good, quality printer?

Thanks, all!


  1. I have a HP laserjet 1012 and it is great.

  2. According to my hubby, who used to purchase all things computerish and electronic for a living...HP is a good brand, he said don't pay more than $500 (!!!), (he just added it's probably closer to $350), and he said buy it online at bestbuy, amazon, or cdw.com.

    And I had to cut him off because he wouldn't shut up with details. lol Good luck on your purchase!

  3. Thanks, Toni and Amy, for the great advice! I think I found an HP that I like and that's in my price range. :-)

  4. My HP 5L has lasted for YEARS. The only pet peeve is the small paper tray but I can live with that. When this one goes, I'll definitely get another one, especially now that the prices have dropped so dramatically since I bought my first one. And I really like that the toner lasts me well over 6 months!

  5. Ok - I'm knocking madly on wood here, before saying anything. We've had the best luck with our Brother HL-1440.

    I had a Lexmark years ago that I loved, but the one I had more recently wasn't so good - it made a real mess when printing back to back and would jam paper really easily.

    Our HP 5L was ok - it was a workhorse, but like Kelly, we found the small tray restrictive and I didn't find it so good for labels (we use printers both at home and the office).

  6. Six months on one cartridge?! Really? I have an ink jet too, and am thinking about a laser printer. Much to think about...

  7. I paid less than 200 for my Dell and it's great. I think I got it on sell at the Dell site for 130?

  8. HP, all the way. I get about a year's worth of use out of the toner (and I write 100k mss). I had an Epson, but it had lots of problems. Definitely HP!! I have an HP LaserJet 2100 right now.

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