Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Clean Desk is a Sign that Melissa...

1) is really bored.

2) started to look for something on the desk and couldn't find it, leading to frustration and eventual gnashing of teeth as to state of desk.

3) had nothing else better to do.

4) really wanted to add to her cold by inhaling all the dust particles from very dusty desk.

5) spent time with daughter who insisted on spraying the cleaner and dusting the desk herself.

6) is ready to write!!!


  1. A clean desk.... I wonder what that's like.....? *g*

  2. "clean desk," I believe that is an oxymoron.

  3. I cannot see the bottom of my desk. You mean there's supposed to be one??? ::faint::

  4. I clean my desk occasionaly, when I need a change of scenery. But other than that, you have to sift through piles of paper, wires, discs...

    Get to writing!

  5. Can you come clean my desk, please? Would really appreciate that *g*. Mine is a total mess right now. Have to clean it soon or I'll lose the kitten under an avalanche of paper!!


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