Saturday, November 05, 2005

6000 Words

I've been writing ALL DAY.

Well, okay. Not every single minute. I did manage to do five loads of laundry, take a walk with the dog, and eat.

Other than that, I wrote.

Hubby took the kids for the afternoon to leave me with lots of peace and quiet. And then, an hour after hubby got home, he took a nap and the kids did their own thing (quietly, even!) and I had even MORE peace and quiet.

Suffice to say, that after I take one more read-through and perhaps edit a bit more in certain sections, I am done. I'll print off the novel tomorrow and send it off to the agent.

I'm not sure how many words I wrote today (but it was A LOT), but in the midst of my cutting and adding, I somehow pared my manuscript down by 6000 words. Since it originally "clocked in" at over 106,000, I'm thinking this is a good thing. :-)


  1. Olivia11:01 PM

    I'm jealous. I wanna write.

  2. What a wonderful day! You are lucky.

    Can you have your hubby talk to mine??? hehehe

  3. I'm jealous too!!! Well done!!!

  4. Awesome, Mel. And great job on that laundry.

  5. Love those days where writing takes the front seat. I haven't had one for a while...need to arrange that. Good luck with the agent!

  6. Thanks, gals! Yeah, it was a GREAT day. :-)

  7. That is awesome!! It deserves the "Awesome Cheer"!!!

    You're A-W-E
    You're S-O-M-E
    You're Awesome
    You're Awesome

    Way to go!

  8. WTG, Melissa!!!!! And way to go, Melissa's DH, for taking the kids out so she could write :-)

    Good luck with the submission!!

  9. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading that. I think I need to go lay down. :-)

    Congrats on finishing and good luck with the agent!

  10. Thanks, Tess, Dana, and Kelly! :-)

  11. Wow, congratulations!

    Now tell me what kind of magic ritual you had to perform to get an agent request before the book was even finished. Do I need eye of newt for such a feat?

  12. Rachel -
    Actually, the book was finished, but I wanted to make some changes to make it better. :-)

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