Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Let it Snow!

Woke up to a very wet, slushy snow this morning. So much for the weatherman's prediction that yes, it would snow, but no, it wouldn't stick to the ground. Ha! I grumbled at that particular weatherman while I was sweeping the two inches of snow off my car!

When my daughter woke up and I told her there was snow outside, she said, "Is it Christmas?" LOL Not yet! But I really hope we have a white Christmas this year.

I wish the snow would have held off until after Thanksgiving. But according to the Farmer's Almanac, we're supposed to have a very snowy December. I wouldn't mind that at all.

I'm trying not to think about Christmas yet - I have a rule that I do not decorate until after Thanksgiving. I used to wait until December 1, but I just can't wait that long anymore! I love to decorate for Christmas and I think this year I really want to make it look like a Victorian Christmas in my living room. Which means I get to go shopping! :-)

I'm bound and determined to think about Thanksgiving first. After all, it is an important holiday. And it often gets brushed aside by all the Christmas hype. That's why I'm waiting to look at all the Christmas items for sale at the stores - I don't want to forget Thanksgiving. :-)


  1. I'm excited about Christmas this year too. I'm going to put up two trees. And for you, Melissa, one is going to be covered in Victorian Christmas ornaments!!

  2. We have snow too--lots of it--and I love Christmas :)

  3. I was watching the scenes for next week's episode of Grey's Anatomy where the characters are celebrating Thanksgiving and I look at my dog (look no one else was there okay)and say "Thanksgiving? What are they talking about? That was last month!" I keep forgetting the US does it in November. I wonder if I lived on the border if I could skip across and maybe get two turkey dinners out of that deal...hmmm....

  4. We don't decorate till December either. And this year we won't do much because of Cleo - she'd think she was in Heaven, with all those shiny things hanging off the tree *g*.

    Funny thing - it snowed here yesterday too! But it's all gone now. Rain again. Oh well. Makes it easy to stay in and work on my GH entry :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I'm jealous. No snow yet, and none in the forecast for the dust bowl. I won't put up our tree until the day after Thanksgiving, but we've already done most of our Christmas shopping. And wrapping. And hiding. Yea me!

  6. Dana, you'll have to take a picture of your Victorian-decorated tree. :-)

    Toni, I love Christmas, too. One of my two favorite holidays - the other is Easter.

    Kelly, if I could send a turkey dinner in the mail to you, I would! ;-)

    Tess, our snow is still here - bitterly cold today, too. But my stepson is excited to get out his snowboard. LOL

    Wow, Rachel! You're way ahead of the game! I haven't even started my shopping yet.


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