Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Vacation That Wasn't

I really looked forward to four days of uninterrupted relaxation - a wonderful turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, maybe play a few games, and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday, do nothing but relax.

That didn't happen.

Friday hubby and I went shopping - no, we weren't one of those crazy people (Rene!) who gets up at 5 a.m. to go shopping on Black Friday. I'm a firm believer in "she who waits saves her limbs." But I did go to our local Hobby Lobby and bought some great Christmas decorations. Suffice to say, I've been decorating for two days now and I still have to put up the Christmas tree. But at least it will be done. And I've really enjoyed doing it. It just takes so darn long, y'know?

The good news is that I spent a lot of quality time with my hubby and that was wonderful.

The bad news is I did not get a single bit of writing done. Oh, I thought about my plot, but not once did I sit down to the computer and open the file. In fact, I hardly sat down all weekend! But that's good, right? ;-) I needed to burn off all the leftovers from Thanksgiving, including my yummy homemade cherry cheesecake.

It's back to work tomorrow - sigh. Ah well. With the decorating nearly finished as well as most of our shopping, I'm going to try and relax and enjoy the holidays. And maybe, just maybe, get some writing done, as well!


  1. Glad you had some time with hubby. I knew I wouldn't get any writing done. Doubt I will today either.

  2. Writing? Bwahahahaa...what writing?

    Yeah, we'll be back to the grindstone, come Monday. :)

  3. Hooray for relaxing loooong weekends!

    I had one too. This Thanksgiving weekend was the only one that I didn't have to work since I started this job ten years ago. I was able to have all four days off without going into work. Yay!

    I spent the weekend playing board games with my children, doing a puzzle, watching movies, and washing pots and pans (they stack up for weeks and hubby and I ignore them as long as possible), and writing.

    I had time to cook and bake! There is no better smell than sweat bread dough baking. Mmmmm... raised cinnamon buns hot from the oven. And not those kind that come in a tube, but homemade.

    Writing? Kneading bread dough can be inspiring. While the dough was rising the first time, I wrote an entire scene! I need to do this more often!

  4. We sometimes have thunderstorms in the winter months here as well. I remember while I was still at university, we had a thunderstorm in the MIDDLE of a snowstorm!!!

    Sounds like a fun weekend. I love Christmas decorating, but we won't do much this year with Cleo around.

    And don't worry about not actually writing - your brain was percolating your story while you did other fun stuff :-)

  5. Writing? I'm a writer?? Yeah, right. Couldn't tell this weekend. But, like you, I did do some serious plot thinking, and menatlly skectched out book three, so I guess that's good. :)

    I refuse to shop on Black Friday. Not so much for my safety, but for that of others! hehehehe

  6. I think all of us had the right to take a vacation from writing anyway, right? *grin*

    Olivia, it sounds like you had a truly lovely weekend. I'm so glad!

    Tess, I hope you can put up SOME decorations that the kitties won't get to! :-)

    AE - Mentally sketching out book three IS writing! :-)


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