Friday, November 11, 2005

Thank A Veteran Today

It's Veteran's Day today. And despite all those sales and attempts to get you to spend your money, remember why this day exists. If you know a veteran (my husband is one and so is my Dad) then thank them today for your freedom. And remember those who sacrificed their lives so that you could have that freedom.

To all those veterans, past and present, Thank You.


  1. Amen! I am the sentimental one who cries at the singing of the national anthem. We went to a hockey game last night, and there was a moment of silence for the fallen soldiers. There was a soldier there recently returned from Iraq. He came out onto the ice to more applause than the hometeam hockey players. The crowd was on their feet for him. And I was in tears

  2. AE, what a touching story. I am so glad that people are recognizing the contributions of our soldiers. My Dad told me that yesterday he was talking to my cousin who was in Vietnam. He said when he came home and landed in San Francisco on his way to Nebraska, people spit on him. That sickens me. I'm so glad we've moved beyond that point.

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