Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Dress Saga: The Latest Chapter

You are all so darn sweet! And I have good news - I'm keeping the dress. :-)

Last night my mom and I went to the mall to return my dress and look for something more "sensible." Unfortunately, the store I bought the dress from has a policy that if you pay for your merchandise using a check, you must wait ten days before you can return it. And, you guessed it - I paid with a check. It's a rather silly policy, but hey, I wasn't going to challenge it. The only inconvenience for me was carrying my dress around the mall.

After we ate supper, we started our quest. And let me tell you - it didn't turn out well. I couldn't find anything I liked and those that I DID like just didn't fit. We left the mall a little disheartened.

But as soon as I got home, my wonderful husband told me that the other gals from his work were really splurging on their outfits - spending even more money than I did! He looked at my dress and said, "I don't see anything wrong with it." But even better...when I tried it on and modeled it for him, his eyes lit up and he said, "You're wearing that dress."

What a guy!

Now I have to go find a black, lacy shawl to wear and maybe some new shoes, too! Oh yes - and jewerly!

Hubby is actually going to get all dressed up, too! And keep in mind that he is a tank top and shorts kind of guy. But when he gets dressed up - oh man, does he ever look good!

Don't worry - I'll take pictures. :-)

Thanks for all the good thoughts, gals. Means a lot!


  1. That is so great Mel! I am so happy that you get to dress up, and go hubby for encouraging you! Sounds like a great wonderful guy!


  2. I almost missed the dress crisis--I thought it was all sorted!!!

    Keep the dress!!!! Keep the man :)

    Look fab and flaunt your stuff!!

  3. I'm so glad you decided to keep the dress! For a minute there I thought I was gonna have to come up to your neck of the woods and beat you with an ugly stick.

    And how can you go against the advice of the hubby who has his eyes all lit up?

    That ugly stick WILL come out if you don't share pictures. You do know that, right? hehe

  4. Great news, Mel, now we can all vicariously through you again! Yay It is great that your hubby is going to dress up to be worthy of having you on his arm for the evening. :)

  5. You gals are just so awesome. I love the support from you - thank you!!!

  6. Don't you just LOVE it when they give you THAT look?! Looking forward to the pics :-)

  7. Yay! I'm so glad you get to keep the dress, you sounded so excited when you bought it. And how sweet of your hubby to say that - that's a nice bonus! Can't wait to see the pixs.

  8. Oh hell no, you can't take it back now! I'd wear it based on hubby's reaction alone. What a guy.

  9. Melissa, that's fabulous! And that's exactly the same way I know whether or not I should keep an outfit: my husband's eyes. If he looks...hungry, I'll keep it. If not, I didn't need it in the first place.

    My reflection looks much better in his eyes, than in the mirror.

    Can't wait for the pictures.

  10. Rachel - are you sure you and I aren't twins separated at birth? That's EXACTLY how I feel, too! I'm so glad we have husbands that aren't nearly as critical of us as we are of ourselves!!!

  11. I think we women obsess so much over our looks, we forget that those who love us see us completely differently.

  12. Tess, you're absolutely right. When I look at my hubby, I don't care that he's gained weight since we got married or any of that. I still love him, no matter what. I tend to forget that he feels the same about me. :-)


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