Wednesday, May 30, 2007

With Chocolate, Anything's Possible

There's a good reason I didn't work on my novel the other evening, and I didn't discover it until after I'd had copious amounts of Dove dark chocolate.
That particular scene giving me fits was in the wrong place. With a few deft clicks of the mouse, I can move it to the right spot and all will be well again with the world.
I was going to do that last night, but unfortunately, a massive headache sidelined me. But hey, I still went and worked out at Curves, hoping to get rid of it. Not so. I went home, popped in a movie, and promptly forgot my headache. BTW, if you haven't seen this movie, get thee to a video store. Definitely worth your time. But be warned - it is not for the faint-hearted.
Tonight, I'm hoping to go in and make that nifty little switch in my manuscript. Guess I needed to distance myself from it to see what had to be fixed.
So here's the fun question for today:
What's your favorite kind of chocolate?


  1. Right now it's Butterfingers; normally it's Hershey Kisses.

    You're right, stepping away for a little while can be helpful.

  2. You know, people go on about expensive chocolate but I'm happy with a Hershey bar. Yum yum yum.

  3. Hmm, there are a couple of faves right now - Cocoa Camino's Dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds (yummm):

    and Alpengros Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts:
    (it's a flash site, so no direct links to the products that I can find).

    I used to eat lots of Hershey Premium Dark, but am now boycotting Hershey after they closed their plants in Smiths Falls, Ontario and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Smiths Falls is especially hard hit as it's a small town and Hershey is one of the main employers.

  4. Ooooh, dark, dark, dark chocolate. Bittersweet. Bitey.

    But in a pinch, I'll take Cadbury's Fruit & Nut Bar, or even the ubiquitous Butterfingers.

    Chocolate rules!

  5. Russell Stover French Chocolate Mints and Haagen Daas. Orgasm for the mouth.

  6. I like those Take 5 bars. They combine pretzels with carmel and chocolate. A PMS dream food.

  7. I had a nice slice of flourless chocolate cake today. That was pretty darn good!

  8. Devon Ellington8:13 AM

    Lindt intense orange dark chocolate.

    If you go on the Yoga Journal site, they have poses that help headaches. They actually work!

  9. My favorite kind of chocolate is milk chocolate. I go insane for those Lindt chocolate balls. I'd probably sell my mother out for a package of those. But don't tell her that...


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