Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ah yes. It's amazing what cute little kitties can do when left unattended. In this case, they literally dismantled the wire shelf in the bathroom, strewing washcloths all over the place. I don't quite know how they did it exactly, but the picture is proof that they did!

And of course, all that running around and creating mayhem and mischief all day tires a gal out.

On Writing...
I've been struggling with the plotting process of my Italian Duet series. Why? Because it's different than anything I've written before. This is not going to be a genre book - it's going to be mainstream. And there's a difference. While there is a love story involved, it is not at the center of the book. Thus, it's not a romance. But to tell you the truth, that is pretty much all I know how to plot is a romance.
While every fiction novel follows a basic pattern, there are subtle differences between genres. In a romance, the characters' relationship is at the center of the novel and the conflict directly involves that relationship. Not so with the book I'm writing. It's almost like I have to go back to the basics. Does that make any sense? It sure made sense a little while ago, but I'm tired and could be hallucinating...
At any rate, the other evening the lightning bolt struck again and I had to grope for pen and paper on the nightstand to write it down. Thankfully, I had a working pen this time!
In the next few days or so, I plan to break down the whole plot process, not only to give myself a refresher course (because let's face it - we all need that every now and then), but to also get some discussion going on the differences between genre, mainstream, and literary.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Yes, it makes sense! What you're doing is what I had to do with my current wip.

    Have you tried Donald Maass' book, Melissa? His "Writing the Breakout Novel" helped me tremendously when I was struggling with plot.

    Good luck!

  2. Therese, no, I haven't read it, but thanks so much for the recommendation. Will have to run over to B&N and see if they have it!

  3. Melissa, great idea on breaking down the plot process. I can't wait to read your posts!

  4. Ahh . . . kitties. Such cute little minions of Satan. It looks like yours got tuckered out causing all that destruction.

    I look forward to reading your future posts on plotting.

  5. One more thing on Maass: I prefer his workbook to the plain book. A lot of the same tips are there, but he really puts you through the paces making you think and get it on paper. I recommend it! :)

  6. Makes sense to me, Melissa. Hope the Maas workbook helps :)

    As for your kittens, well, I hear ya. Boy do I hear ya. Cleo's almost two and she's STILL doing stuff like what your little lovelies did the other day *g*.

  7. awwww but look at em they are soo cute!! Can't stay mad for long at those little poops.

    Your blog is going to be the next blog I read from start to finish. Start dusting out the cobwebs, hehehe

  8. Devon Ellington11:28 AM

    I remember when mine were the Destruco-Kitties.

    And then, there's the Velcro Paws phase -- where they don't know how to retract their claws and stick to everything.

    Ah, yes, plotting -- every novel is re-inventing the wheel, to some extent. It needs to find its own process and rhythm.

  9. I'm about to order the workbook with my birthday tokens. The book is very good also.

    I'm struggling with a similar thing. I think one of the things is to treat plot and romance as seperate threads. Phew. My brain is tired too. need food!

  10. Those pictures are so funny. Such wonderful little things, kittens. :oD


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