Friday, May 11, 2007

Week's End

Friday, Friday, Friday.

I never used to love Fridays this much when I was a stay at home mom. I think it had something to do with all three kids (daughter and two stepsons) being home all weekend long How times change...

Now I adore them. Maybe it's because the day job has been so demanding lately. And it's cutting into my writing time.

Last night I worked on the plot of my first Italian Duet novel and had an ephiphany (don't you love those?) on a particular plot point. It certainly added a new dimension to the story.

Not much more to report - will try and stop by your blogs today. Thanks for all your comments on my last post about rejection - it's just part of the whole writing life. It's just adding another layer to that requisite thick skin that a writer needs to survive this business.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Devon Ellington7:25 AM

    What a sweet kitten!

    Rejection sucks no matter what; there's no way around it. Yes, it's part of the life, but it's not fun!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. The kitten is adorable!!!! I just want to give it a big hug.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

    And yes, I LOVE plot epiphanies :)

  3. Cute kitten! Hope you're able to get lots of writing done! Being a stay at home mom, Fridays don't mean that much to me anymore. I remember how great they were when I was working tho! Lived for them!

  4. oh I love the kitty, what a sweetheart!!

    Happy mommas day to you my dear!!

  5. Enjoy your weekend :)

  6. Wow, Blogger wasn't taking my comments, and I finally discovered that I've been switched to a Google account.

    So I can finally say, I hope your weekend is grand, Melissa -- with lots of fun family time and writing time. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Hmmm, now please bear with me while I get my photo back on. I wish Blogger wouldn't change so often!


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