Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Summer Vacation

Do you remember the joy of a summer vacation? I loved them. Well, up until I was a teenager and had to get a job. And before that, I had to work in the fields sometimes hacking away at weeds or scooping ditches. But thankfully, I did most of my summer chores inside the nice, cool house. My poor brothers were the ones to work outside on the farm with Dad! But it made you guys tougher, admit it! ;-)

My summer vacations were full of books, summer library reading programs, baseball and softball games, short little vacations (we farmed, so couldn't take long vacations during the summer because we had to irrigate the crops), family get-togethers, and wonderful summer evenings sitting outside and enjoying a cool breeze.

I wanted my daughter to have a true summer vacation. Since I've had a full-time job, she hasn't had the luxury of staying up late to go chase fireflies or sleep in after an evening hard at play during the summer. She always had to go to bed at the same time and get up to go to daycare.

This year I was determined to change that. I wanted her to have a nice, relaxing summer free from the same old routine. Quitting my job was out of the question, of course! But last night my husband and I hit upon a solution.

Our wonderful family friend, who is retired, agreed to watch the kids for us this summer at our house. Since she lives right down the street, this is absolutely perfect. My daughter will get to enjoy her summer vacation and I will rest in the knowledge that I gave her a small gift. :-)

I'm very thankful that the Lord provided this solution to us. I know I'm very blessed to be able to do this - lots of people don't have an option and must use the daycare route.

This will also be a break for mom and dad, too! We'll have three months of not worrying about getting a grouchy seven-year-old out of bed and taking her to daycare.

What's your favorite memory of summer vacation?


  1. I think I read nonstop during summer vacation!

    When I was young, we'd go to the city pool a lot. Then I worked there when I was older. So lots and lots of swimming.

    I'm so glad you guys found a solution. :)

  2. We tried to go swimming and Mom even got us private lessons. I still was too terrified to dunk my head under water, so I never learned how to swim. But I hope to get my daughter into swim lessons this summer since she loves the water.

  3. summer vacation...going to the lake, and meeting cute boys lol. Now summer vacation is just finding the right time to go out fishing. I was lucky I never had to work until after I was done highschool. But I know what you mean about the kids at babysitters. You have it al planned out, good for you. I always liked telling them they need a break from us instead of the other way around.

  4. Summer vacation. Just being outside, anywhere, was/is always great for me. I love the sun, the warmth, snow cones, visiting with friends and family on a porch.

  5. Hmm, well, bbqs with my dad - he'd start up that old Hibachi after coming home from playing golf, then do hamburgers for us all. My mum would make them and he'd put his special sauce on, then put them on the grill.

    Also, spending afternoons at the neighbourhood pool, oggling the lifeguards and hanging out with my friends.

    Finally, playing hide and seek up and down the street at dusk in the warm summer air. Heaven.

    Glad you found such a wonderful solution for your summer child care :)

  6. What a wonderful gift for your daughter! Summer vacations for kids should be filled with carefree memories.

    A few of my favorites are playing in the creek with my siblings, building a tree fort that never did amount to much, dipping rhubarb sticks into a sugar bowl in the back yard.... there are so many. I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

  7. Melissa, this is wonderful news! I'm sure everybody will have a great summer - including you and your hubby!

    Sue :-)

  8. I'm like you. My summer vacations were filled with books, books and more books. We usually spent the time at the cottage but we would return to town once or twice a week to pick up supplies. I would rush to the library and stock up on books, then convince Mom to buy at least 1 or 2 to hold me over because I was going through about one a day. I miss those days, sitting outside in the sunshine or inside when it rained and losing myself in some imaginary world.


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